Robert White delivers a perfect romantic melody in his latest release Candy.

Candy is the newest release from artist Robert WhiteCandy is definitely a sweet, tender, and romantic track that reflects the artist’s feelings for his girlfriend, describing in a poetic and lyrical form how he felt for her the first time they met. Harmony, authenticity, and good vibes make this an uplifting song, perfect for improving any mood. 

Robert White has gained popularity thanks to his happy and upbeat style. But, at the same time, his music is heartfelt and no less genuine for being a bit more positive, full of zest, passion, and energy. 

The artist comes from the San Francisco Bay area. His passion for music became evident from an early age, as he spent a lot of time as a kid beatboxing, singing, rapping, and playing musical games. It has always been a part of his life, even when he did not imagine doing it professionally. He recorded his first-ever song in the storage room of his grandmother’s house and since then hasn’t stopped growing as a musician. He built a home studio to create and mix songs across different genres. He worked with various types of music to inspire himself, shape his spiritual journey, and grow continuously as a musician. White is building a long and successful career focused on happiness and uplifting music that can inspire others.

Music became a driving force in White’s life, bringing him greater self-confidence and passion for life, which he hopes to share with his fans through his music and his live performances. For Robert, happiness is a choice, and music is power. 

Robert White offers music that is sure to make the listener feel a little better. It’s a perfect song for a rainy day or a sunny day to enjoy it more fully. In addition, it is likely to please fans of genre-blending tracks looking for a new and unique voice to add to their playlists.


The new single Candy is an upbeat song with a powerful, passionate core that is likely to resonate with anyone in love or who wants to relive the experience, focusing on the romantic tenderness of the feeling. Full of good vibes, lovely harmonies, and an engaging set of lyrics that reflect a genuine emotion and an experience of love. 

Candy is available on all the major platforms and can be streamed on Spotify or Apple today. Discover the sweet and harmonious sound this artist offers and share the good vibes Robert White brings to all his listeners.

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