Rising Star TayyOntop Unleashes 12:12: A Must-Hear EP with Impressive Rap Vibes

TayyOntop is bringing several fresh releases. He has dropped his first EP, 12:12, a successful rap music showcase with impressive vocals, lyrics, and beats to dance to anywhere. He has already released several tracks, also quite successful in terms of streams. His music is fun and catchy, the perfect track for the club or a party night at home. He has a chill style that distinguishes itself from other rappers, with urban flavor and a bold approach to lyrics. 

TayyOntop is an artist who first became recognized for appearing on reality television. He became quite popular and has since chosen to transition from this industry into the music scene. This shift has been quite successful. TayyOntop, also known as Deonta, has been in entertainment and music for over two and a half years. He hails from Detroit. 

His songs feature an unapologetic set of lyrics. The artist knows exactly what he wants to say and says it without worrying too much. His songs are edgy and sharp but often feature a lot of fun beats, sounds, and lyrics, which come together to give shape to a stylish rap performance. 

TayyOntop has great flow and a lot of charisma. Through his voice and performance, he creates a memorable experience for the listeners. His music is sure to interest fans of rap, especially gangsta rap, who are hoping to discover fresh names in the genre and beyond the mainstream. 12:12 is an excellent place to start, as a showcase of the artist’s work so far and a taste of everything he is capable of. 


12:12 is currently out on all streaming platforms. The music from this artist has become more popular over time and has helped him reach thousands of followers and listeners, as well as streams across different platforms. His two main platforms are YouTube and Spotify, where he consistently develops more and better music. 

Follow the artist on social media to support him and discover his newest projects. His Facebook is over @tayy.ontop.94, and his Instagram can be found @iam_tayy_ontop. Make sure to stay tuned for any future releases, as he is working hard to grow his presence and become a hip-hop star.


He has also released music videos already with a lot of styles. The visuals amplify the charisma that the artist has and make a solid complement to the amazing sound the rapper creates. His music videos can be found on YouTube and are very fun to watch.

You can find TayyOntop’s club anthem Shake That Ass with a special twerk version to enjoy on the dance floor on Spotify. You can also enjoy Fantasy (if you only knew) and Dream Girl. There are a lot of tracks to discover with significant flair and charisma that have distinguished this artist. TayyOntop is working hard to reach peak performance and become a household name for fans of rap. 


We had the pleasure of interviewing TayyOntop. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi TayyOntop, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hey, I’m from Detroit, Michigan. I have been in music for a few years. I have been featured on a couple of hit shows, such as Catfish on MTV and Jerry Springer. Last year, I auditioned for Bad Boys Club Season Two as well. I have a passion for fashion and music. I have always been around producers, and musicians have been a part of my family my whole life. If I knew what I know today as far as music, I would be so far ahead, but I’m trusting the process God is building for me. I love music. Music saved my life; growing up on the rough streets of Detroit put me in a lot of bad situations. I was shot 4 times due to a domestic violence relationship of 3 years. I almost lost my life, but God gave me another chance, thanks to music.

Please tell us more about your projects.

I was cast for two roles in a movie; one of them is coming out in November, and the other one will be out early next year. I’m so excited about the opportunities music has given me, and the doors are still opening up. This year has been amazing. I have been on many stages connecting more with my live audience fan base. I have been getting so many good reactions; my stage presence is growing so much. It’s amazing. 

I dropped an EP this summer on July 23rd, and it was a hit. It’s been streaming worldwide along with my new release, Dream Girl, which was released on October 13th, 2023. My song Fantasy was featured in Hype magazine this past March. 

The music is only making my life better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much, TayyOntop, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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