Rising DJ and Producer TA:REK captures thailand’s beauty in his newest Track, K.A.M.A.L.A

TA:REK, a DJ & Producer on the rise, is releasing his newest track, K.A.M.A.L.A. This is a special, powerful anthem that focuses on an equally special location. The titular Kamala is located in Phuket, a beautiful part of Thailand, and the track is meant to reflect the inspiration the artist drew from the location and to capture the beauty that can be found in this unique place. 

K.A.M.A.L.A. offers a mix of styles that reflect the versatility of the artist and also the unique beauty of Kamala, that place that became the muse of sorts for this release. The track offers afro beats, progressive, and house; all blended to create an intricate sound full of unique details. The track also comes with gorgeous visuals, done in the aesthetic of a kaleidoscope, happy and carefree. 


The name of the track does not just refer to this location, as it also means lotus flower. This is a perfect reflection of the beauty of both place and song, and the lotus flower can represent enlightenment and other concepts, such as purity. In addition to this symbolism, the track represents the artist’s own transformation. He used to be known as Kitarō. However, he would become TA:REK and is currently working under this name. The change opened a new chapter in his life and his path as a musician.

TA:REK comes from Brussels and has gained recognition as a DJ and a producer. His work has gained thousands of streams across various streaming platforms, and K.A.M.A.L.A. is sure to follow suit. The track is offered by the Dream Records Group Label. 

Later in 2023, TA:REK is set to release a new EP, a treat for new and old fans of his music. In addition to this, the artist is going to go back to Thailand and then on tour across other Asian countries. The tour is set to start with Shelter, ILLUZION Phuket, from DJ Mag, and then continue in W Superclub and Zion, clubs located in Bali and Vietnam, respectively. These locations will get an exclusive showcase of TA: REK’s new music and are in for an amazing show. Many of these clubs have welcomed TA:REK before.


K.A.M.A.L.A. is a track that is sure to please fans of house music and modern, exciting approaches to the genre. It is full of beauty and celebrates the place where the artist got his inspiration, as well as serves as an anthem of personal growth, change, and the search for enlightenment. It’s sure to find its fans among lovers of club music.

You can listen to his music on Spotify. Make sure to follow the DJ on Instagram @ta.rek_ofc  and see all his new releases, projects, and photos from the upcoming tour of the best Asian nightclubs where he will be performing his new music. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing TA:REK. Here are the excerpts from the interview.

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your latest track, K.A.M.A.L.A.

Hi, K.A.M.A.L.A. is a dynamic and empowering track that references a special location in Phuket, Thailand. The track is a progressive/melodic house track with intricate details of afro beats inspired by the surroundings and beauty of Kamala. K.A.M.A.L.A. is a diverse and vibrant track with kaleidoscope visuals to symbolize and capture the upbeat happiness that progressively flows through the track. ‘Kamala’, meaning lotus flower, represents purity and enlightenment. This track was created as part of a transformation from Kitarō to TA:REK and symbolizes the chapter in my musical journey.

K.A.M.A.L.A. was a fun and uplifting track to produce. A little different from my normal style but has inspired me into new musical genres such as afro house. I am really inspired to continue creating new music and release my EP of 5 new tracks later this summer.

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can check out my YouTube @kitaro4387.

Thank you so much, TA:REK, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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