‘The Regret Was Left Behind’ by Japanese Singer and Songwriter Riku (戮) is a blend of meaningful lyrics and emotive music.

The Regret Was Left Behind is a new and exciting offering from the Japanese singer and songwriter Riku (戮). With meaningful lyrics, a beautiful sound, and a melancholy theme, it is a great new milestone in the solo career of the vocalist.

Riku (戮) is a singer who has served as the frontman of several different musical projects. Fans might recognize him from his roles as the lead vocalist of HISKAREA, Phantasmagoria, Lin and chariots, and beyond. Now he is launching an exciting solo career that is meant to reach the audience directly and allow the artist to truly showcase his vision, skills, and music. He believes that a solo career will allow him to explore new avenues that were not open while working with a band.

The stage name Riku (戮) has different meanings that come together to express different sides of the artistic vision the singer has. It means insanity and unite, two sides of a multifaceted artist. Riku (戮) has a distinct identity and visual style that help him distinguish himself and provide an aesthetic framing for his music. The Regret Was Left Behind follows past successful releases and takes the artist in a more emotive direction, exploring a charged topic that has the potential to resonate with many different listeners. The song provides more of the sound that has characterized Riku’s (戮) solo career and an in-depth dive into more profound themes. 

The Regret Was Left Behind is a powerful narrative song, a single that focuses on the story of a loss. It chronicles the experiences of someone mourning the loss of a loved one when they failed to accompany them in their last moments. The story tugs at the heartstrings of any who has lived with loss and also transmits a strong message for anyone who is wasting the time they have with those they love and the things they truly care for. We have to be present in the here and now. The song was inspired by Riku’s (戮) favorite saying, that there is no use crying over spilled milk; it’s too late. In a society as fast-paced and busy as ours, it is certain that many can benefit from this message.  

Riku (戮) offers a unique artistic vision and can resonate with those interested in the current Japanese scene, especially in regards to more independent and experimental offerings. Riku (戮) is constantly growing and experimenting as an artist.

You can find the single The Regret Was Left Behind on Spotify and streaming on all the major music platforms. Follow him on social media on Twitter and Instagram, where you can find him as @rikuvoice.