Rees111 offers his new album, tanden.

Rees111 is delighting fans with the release of the new project, tanden. The innovative work consists of seven tracks that explore the idea of hope, moving forward, and other themes that are sure to resonate in the modern world with its tendency towards negativity and bad news. tanden is described as a tape-oriented drone project, 45 minutes total, and was released in May with 3180958 Records DK.

Rees111 is an artist based in Colorado. This is not his first project, and Rees111 tends towards artistic, enigmatic titles and mood-infused songs that offer novel experiences for any listener who wants to explore and engage. tanden, in particular, was inspired by the artist’s own journey and pursuit of human realization, with this theme being present throughout the album.

tanden features a challenging series of tracks: draai, oplossen, voorzitter, voorwenden, blijven, uil, and ondeelbaar. It draws inspiration from the Dutch language and culture, and tanden stands for teeth. Each track has its own meaning, but they are brought together by a sense of hope, inspiration, and exploration. There is much to be discovered here for an audience willing to keep an open mind.

With a bent for hope, Rees111 is known for exploring ambient with a fantastic, alien twist. His music is often novel and different, something that takes the audience away from their ordinary world and into new realities, both challenging and mind-opening. His past work and tanden offer a minimalist aesthetic in the presentation, allowing the music to speak for itself. It challenges the listeners to step beyond their comfort zone and find something new, spell-binding, and beautiful in its own way. Rees111’s music will surely interest listeners who want to go beyond the mainstream and explore new options. His tracks can be found in playlists that focus on unusual audio experiences and create the sense of a world that is endlessly fascinating.

tanden is an inspiring experience that centers the music. Rees111 is something of an enigma and favors an approach that is centered on the music rather than the persona. However, for many, it is sure to provide an engaging experience that takes them beyond their usual harmonies, as the project creates a lot of emotion. It is clear they were made with passion for the craft and plenty of talent, so many people are sure to be thrilled to discover tanden.

You can find tanden and other releases from Rees111 on Spotify and all the other major music platforms, including Bandcamp, YouTube, YouTube Music, and Amazon. Make sure to support the artist if you enjoy the work, and stay tuned for future releases from this musician.


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