Young and talented rapper Missing-Nin captivates the fans with his release ‘Tell Me’

Tell Me is the new and exciting release from Nigerian artist Missing-Nin. It is available on Spotify and other major music platforms, ready to be heard by old and new fans of the performer and those looking for new names in the rap scene. 

The single Tell Me comes as part of a series of singles to be released continuously every Friday until December 24th, 2021. It was followed by ‘Y U LiE’ on September 10. Then ‘TBH’ on September 17 and ‘Moody’ on September 24. More tracks are lined up to create a novel experience for the listeners.

Missing-Nin’s musical journey started in preschool, and he started writing music when he was in high school and first wanted to enter rap battles. He learned to play the trumpet and the piano. Shortly after this, he was introduced to FL Studio, which supported his professional endeavors to enter the music industry and inspired him to keep making beats. The artist views music as the highest form of self-expression. Missing-Nin was born in Lagos, Nigeria. Currently, he lives in L.A. 

The rapper released his debut EP, Brown, on January 1, 2021. This was the culmination of years of work, as he created over 900 beats and recorded eight songs between 2013 and 2021, preparing for a serious launch of his official debut. Since July 2021, Missing-Nin has embarked on an ambitious project and has been releasing a single on each Friday of the year, which he intends to continue until Christmas Eve, 2021. 

Missing-Nin is renowned for his composing skills and has been eager to share his creations with an audience. The latest tracks he has put out for streaming are sure to gain the attention of a wider audience and set the stage for his new album, coming out in February 2022. 

Missing-Nin stands out for his style and composing skills that he has been honing relentlessly for years. His beats and songs are unique and fresh, bringing innovation with each new release. In addition, the artist showcases his commitment to his craft in the tracks he works on. The rapper is a fresh new voice on the hip-hop scene. Missing-Nin is likely to please fans of the genre and those looking for top-notch, tightly composed beats and tracks. He is likely to become a favorite artist for many who are just discovering his work, and he has become a favorite of many who follow his music since he first started sharing it. 

Stay tuned for more new releases by Missing-Nin, new singles coming out every Friday until the end of 2021, and a new album to be released in February 2021. Follow the artist on Instagram @missing.nin, and check out his website

We will certainly see many new amazing tracks still to come in 2021, as all his work so far has been stellar.