Rapper Gak’s catchy song ‘Hated Now’ is creating a massive buzz in the hip hop scene

Hip Hop Artist G@K gives out a lucid example of his authentic hip-hop style and mind-blasting, fast-paced rap talent with his newly launched soundtrack ‘Hated Now.’

I recently happened to come across his song, and the soundtrack hit me in a completely distinctive way. Whether it’s his captivating attitude, the ways the music is showcased, or the immersive lyrics, everything was in sync to express his hardcore influence. Shining above his contemporaries, with his elegant commercial voice, the rapper delivers the essence of hardcore rap to the limelight with his impeccable hip-hop composition!

One of the most fascinating aspects of his soundtrack is that the energy keeps soaring high with every turn. The music is catchy, with thumping pulsating beats occupying the flawless soundscape. His artistry is most enthralling when he lets his amazing fast pitched rap voice seal the deal. His vocals are strong and masterful with an intensifying layer of courage, a must for a great hip-hop track to stand out.

His sound is an amalgamation of likable beats, fast-paced tempo, animated rhymes, and a superb rap sound that connects the right chord.

Gak tells a vivid and relatable story through his song. He described the song himself: “A nostalgic anthem that finds G@k reminiscing on adolescent times while learning to love the now. Throughout ‘Hated Now’, G@k consistently yearns to go back to certain times of his life that he hated in the moment when he was experiencing them, but now wishes he would have appreciated the experience more. G@k sounds tongue in cheek at times, saying he misses times that he is classifying as destructive or painful times, but by the end of the song, he recognizes these are cycles he has created in his life. G@k realizes that he has made ‘hating the now’ a habit and in turn, has started to become desensitized to the pain in his life, and these habits have caused him to invite more misfortune into his life. However, he also realizes that even the uncomfortable seasons in life are there to help you, and if you’re not truly present during those seasons, you won’t learn the lesson you’re supposed to learn, and you’ll more than likely have to retake that class.”

You can tune into the track on Spotify or Youtube. The song is a must-listen, Do check it out!

About the Artist



G@k was born in California. He is currently reigning in Texas. He is an emcee who hit the ground running the minute he decided he wanted to create music. He has spent a good portion of his life studying up on everything from hardcore rap to independent/underground hip-hop, from psychedelic rock to funk. All of this and more played a significant impact on the artist that stands before us today. The studying and grinding Gak has done is exhibited in the music, and as he continues to grow, the Texas standout has stretched his arms. Not just into performing all over the country, doing Festivals, but he’s also stepped into the event curation realm himself. Gak brings his own taste and fervor to the game that demands your ears and admiration.


Gak brings a variation to the art, contemplative and serious at times, Gak is still able to bring tracks to the party too. Since these releases, Gak continues to evolve and hone his delivery and show the world what he brings to the table. With two projects under his belt and a number of singles, Gak has been covered by Dead End Hip Hop and The Art Factory. Since his artistic inception, Gak has performed multiple SXSW shows. The hard-working artist has put in work in the Texas show circuit and even took his talents to Los Angeles last year. 

You can check out his website. You can also check out his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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