Producer and Artist Mikewitdamac has fused multiple genres with incredible finesse in the album ‘Everything’s Different: Vibes’

Everything’s Different: Vibes‘ is the new album coming from producer and artist Mikewitdamac. The project covers a wide range of genres, from Alt-R&B to Hip-Hop, creating a unique sound and showcasing the skills of the many star artists who took part in the album.

‘Everything’s Different: Vibes’ is a ten-track project that features many amazing artists, such as Dj Spinz, who is already a legend, and emerging stars such as June, Epic, Coupe, Tray Milz, SingerSlime, and Key Gretzky. With a stellar set of vocals and unique arrangements, the album provides a blend of voices and sounds that creates a unique listening experience and is likely to be appreciated by any fan of R&B and hip-hop thanks to the genre-mixing and experimentation. Each track save for the last is credited with the participation of another artist, which makes the songs fresh and interesting. Still, they all have that distinctive vibe that characterizes Mikewitdamac’s music. FreshPut It On MeFriend zoneKung FuAlways SomethingPride of youDasaniNowhereOoou, and the banging solo finale Hold Me Down offer a strong and versatile listening experience with a variety of genre beats and shifting topics. The project is a follow-up to Everything’s Different, Vol. 1, with 13 tracks that also featured a variety of renowned artists, including Lil Suave, Epic, June, Young Deion, Key Gretzky, U4I Dre, Jaypopi, and Willthy. With some of the returning names, fans will be happy to hear more from a collaboration they enjoyed, as the album builds upon themes and beats from the first release to create something new and original.


In an appropriate content for the name, the album features chill and relaxed songs to vibe to, with a strong sense of rhythm and harmony that stick with the listener. With a lot of talent, the album provides a great and original set of tracks that are likely to please anyone looking for something fresh and beyond the confines of a single genre, as well as fans of hip-hop with R&B beats. With a strong aesthetic, the album has a variety of moods that make it suitable for different moments. Discover your new favorite tracks and new favorite artists as you go along for the Everything’s Different ride. 

You can find ‘Everything’s Different: Vibes’ on all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Mikewitdamac offers a store of exclusive merchandise inspired by the album at Here, you will be able to find shirts, hats, caps, and totes with a unique and fun vibrant design that can shine in different situations and help you stay chill. 

Support the artist on Instagram @mikewitdamac and stay tuned for future releases that are likely to feature new and exciting musical experiments. Stay tuned on Spotify and check out the new releases from the collaborating artists to get more music across a variety of styles and genres and discover more from the label as well.