Popular Artist Luke ATME has belted out smart vocals in the magnificent number Quiero Más…

If you liked Luis Fonsi’s Despacito, you need to check out Luke ATME’s latest new track Quiero Más. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the beat is enough to keep your hips moving. The song has been immensely popular with the audience and remains a cult favorite since its release. The fact shouldn’t be surprising considering Luke’s previous singles. As of 2020, his tracks have been played over a total of 164k times. That is quite an impressive feat. Approximately 40k listeners from over 69 countries adored his music, according to his Spotify. Luke took to Instagram to thank his fans for always supporting him and loving his music. 

Coming to the song itself, it has some catchy tunes. The flute-like sequence in the start is sweet, and the song is very upbeat. Exactly what we need amid these bleak times. Although we don’t understand Spanish, that didn’t stop us from playing it on repeat. Background music has the potential to instantly lift your mood. 

Quiero Más translates to “I want more” in Spanish, and that’s exactly what we want. His music is nothing short of brilliant. The beats, the tunes, and the lyrics, everything resonates with the young generation. That’s why this song is making rounds on various social media platforms. 

Luke ATME has come a long way in his music career. It took a while before his musical genius was recognized by the world. Originally from Naples, Italy, Luke started singing when he was barely 14. Even as a boy, he showed the signs of being a musical genius. His promising talent was evident in the numerous covers he uploaded online. Most of those covers were met with immense praise from his audience, and that’s how his career started. Later, he joined and competed in various national dance challenges. His performance at those local competitions honed his skills to a great extent and gave him a bit of exposure and some much-needed boost of confidence. 

Shortly after, he went to the University of West London for music performance, graduating in 2017. The following year he released his first EP, “Loudest!” led by single “Higher,” which played in the UK.


His talent was recognized recently, and he won numerous awards and accolades in 2019. Among the awards was the prestigious Golden Award for Song of the Year for his hottest single, “Perdóname. ” He also won in the category of “Artist of the Year” in Golden Awards. 

Luke has managed to gather an impressive following on his social media accounts. His Instagram alone has over 14k followers. He regularly posts and interacts with his fans on Instagram. His drool-worthy body alone can bring anyone on their knees. So, make sure to follow him there! 

If you haven’t heard Quiero Más, we strongly suggest you do so. This song has the potential to the next Despacito if given a fair shot. Let’s see what more Luke ATME has in store for us!

His latest single “Quiero Más” is available now on all major platforms.


You can check out his Facebook profile and Instagram handle.