Popular Arizona Rapper JoeliD Announced Head Bopping Hip Hop Album ‘Remix To Resurrect’

Joel Pesce II A.K.A. JoeliD, an Arizona rapper, announces his return, bringing a new Rap to EDM sound to fans with the release of his long-awaited Seventh album, Remix To Resurrect. The forthcoming record is a follow-up to his January 1st, 2021 album ‘The Rebrand’ and is set to be released on May 25th, 2021.

Along with the album announcement, May 7th marks the release date of two music videos for songs ‘Naked For Me’ and ‘Say Sorry (Clean Version),’ both available exclusively on his YouTube channel. JoeliD is also releasing an explicit version of ‘Say Sorry’ as a single, available the same day as the album.


JoeliD recorded most of ‘Remix To Resurrect’ in his home studio near Phoenix, Arizona, and working separately on two tracks with beat engineer Gary Beatz. JoeliD Productions recently worked with A Band Called Paul on their debut song ‘Breaking Through,’ which has been received really well in Ireland and is growing a fan base larger in the US. 

Remix To Resurrect’ is composed of 10 tracks that JoeliD Productions produced and spans over relaxing dance-driven songs like ‘Naked For Me’ to the intense rapping of ‘Say Sorry.’ JoeliD brings back a few hit songs like ‘I Can Pay’ and ‘Angel Leaps’ to remix them for an electronic dance theme.

Since A Glimpse (JoeliD’s 4th album), his relaxing chillout style remains present yet remixed with maturity, presenting a brilliant new worldview “Truly, I didn’t expect the album to turn out so well, but having in mind that I have been recording it for ten years, and repetitively trashing it, starting over. The new songs are inspired by some huge life-changing events taking a course over that time, including Covid-19 (To which JoeliD has dedicated the song ‘Naked For Me’ to) and the dramatic pause on the world’s movement.”

And while each song varies in tone, they all are representations of JoeliD’s passion for music and circle back to his ‘I am a true family man theme.’ “Remix To Resurrect is an energetically-filled, catchy collection of reminders that love, passion, forgiveness, and unity can co-exist in our hopeful world,” says JoeliD. The new record includes ‘Beat For You 4′, an instrumental that JoeliD Productions produced for the anxious listener to freestyle on, and the new song ‘DID,’ a slow jam dance song that JoeliD felt drawn to based on its modern Hip Hop radio feel.


Misses Anonymous, a close collaborator with JoeliD Productions has very high hopes for this album. She said, “The new album is really intense. The word that describes it best is “precision.” Listeners will find it perfect for that pumped-up gym energy. JoeliD let me listen to it, and I took the album to do Shaun T’s Insanity Workout too. I literally muted Shaun T.”

Like many before him, JoeliD came to the rap industry to make music. He’s collaborated with everyone from A Band Called Paul to The BodyGuard and KOS. And while he’s often labeled with some form of the word ‘charismatic’ (some have even compared his voice to Mike Shinoda of Linkin’ Park), JoeliD’s style meets at a juncture of many different genres. There’s something about JoeliD that is indescribably different — and with his newest project, he’s discovered what most musicians spend lifetimes working for — the place where ‘feel-good’ music meets vital vocal dictation.

Businesses interested in partnership or media opportunities can learn more and contact him on JoeliD Productions official website

You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JoeliD16.