PettySagg is spreading positive vibes through his new release ‘I’m On the Way’.

I’m On the Way is a new release from PettySagg that comes to all the big streaming platforms. It is among the top five trending songs on Longbeach radio station and is a catchy song that is likely to hook listeners with its positive energy and good vibes. With an influence from across genres, the tune offers unique sounds that are likely to make it an excellent addition to anyone’s day.

PettySagg is an artist with a unique vibe and a style that draws attention. He grew up in a Jamaican household, and today, his music has a powerful Caribbean and Jamaican style that have helped him build a unique and distinctive sound. For PettySagg, music is a form of self-expression and creativity that allows him to discuss modern life with its challenges, expectations, hopes, fears, and worries. His music shows the influence of artists like Jay-Z, Coldplay, and Sunni Colon, which showcases the diversity of styles he brings into each work.

Aside from I’m On the Way, PettySagg also released a series of singles, Find A Way on September 17, All My Life on September 20, then Tell Me When To Go will be out on September 23. All these lead up to the release of his album, Lifestyle Of The Unconventional. The album is expected to make some waves on the music scene and establish PettySagg as an important artist working across genres to bring positive vibes to all his listeners. His music stands out, thanks to its catchy beats, uplifting lyrics, and creativity. His sound hits the beats of both popular and unconventional genres to create a new, unique vibe. His streaming numbers go up every day, and more fans are looking forward to his new releases. PettySagg burst into the music scene in 2021 with various innovative singles. He started with 20 singles over the course of three months and is currently working on putting out more and better tracks.

I’m On the Way is likely to be enjoyed by those looking for a fresh voice within the music industry with high production quality, a great sound, and a unique approach to music-making. Check out PettySagg today and see your mood rise. Follow him on Instagram @pettysagg and join the thousands of listeners who have fallen in love with this artist’s music.


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