Online – The newest single from Rochester based artist Tim Knapp has a deep message about the impact of Internet on our lives.

Online is the newest release from Tim Knapp, a Rochester-based artist who is creating unique and meaningful music, reaching thousands of listeners per month. Online is a single with a deep message and a topic that is likely to resonate with many – the impact of Internet on our lives.

Today, most of us are digital natives, spending a lot of time on social media and other sites. While this has many advantages and makes things easier for us, it also has a significant impact on the way we live, and Tim tries to examine the balance we need to have to make the Internet our ally, not our enemy.

Online is a pop song that comes from a process of weighing the effects of the Internet, the good and bad. As a useful tool, it definitely has its place, but it can also become a vice when we are not careful. Too much Internet can begin to damage our relationships and undermine the connections we make with each other.


Online is not just a song – it is an experience that can encourage listeners to think about the impact the Internet has on their own lives, whether they are allowing the digital world to take over or they are truly living their authentic lives in the real world. Indulgence is fine occasionally, but is it becoming too much? Is it hurting our relationships, including the one we build with ourselves? With a powerful message that hits hard in times when digital has often come to replace the real, Online goes beyond the typical pop song to leave an impact on the listener.

Tim Knapp is a talented artist who has a long history with music. He started recording when he was 9, taking advantage of the family-owned studio, as both his parents were musicians. Shortly after graduating high school, Tim had been a part of several punk rock bands and sang with several, including one that went on a national tour. He was in charge of the lead vocals, a powerful experience in shaping his career. Since the groups disbanded, he has chosen the path of a solo artist, working and collaborating with many to create meaningful and interesting music. Tim strives to create a unique and distinct sound that’s been years in the making. He wants to create songs that resonate with his audience, writing about life and love and also the Internet, creating more and better music with each approach.

Online shows this refined sound with a distinct message that helps the song stand apart from other pop music. With a pleasant and beautiful melody, the track is likely to please those interested in pop and those looking for something more distinct and deep than the typical offering.

You can find Online on Spotify and all the other major music platforms. You can follow Tim Knapp to stay tuned for new releases and to learn more about this artist. Find him at Instagram @timknappofficial.