One House Worship’s latest music video ‘Good’ featuring multi talented singer Naomi Raine is now out

Good by One House Worship is definitely our recommended song. This song tops our playlist for several reasons. For one, the background music is really soulful. It just gives you those calm and peaceful vibes right from the start. You can just feel all your tension and stress melting away as the melodies wash over you. Moreover, the voice of Naomi Raine perfectly complements the background music. It just blends in so seamlessly that the music and lyrics feel one. 




Coming to lyrics, this song is all about God’s goodness and love for us. It gives you the feeling of togetherness with God and with all the people going through hardships.

We love the line in the song – ‘You are good, so, so, good.’ through which the Singer acknowledges and appreciates God’s goodness. The song reminds us that God is forever faithful and merciful to us. God always gives us his support and remains with us no matter what happens with us in our lives.

Good by One House Worship is a very soulful and peaceful song. It certainly restores your faith in God and kindness. The background music is so uplifting, in a mystical way. The beautiful tunes, blending together in one seamless rhythm, help you relax and think more clearly. The lyrics are specifically designed to motivate you and uplift your spirit.

Naomi Raine is a worship leader herself and has helped a lot of struggling people. And if you listen closely, you can feel the emotion in her voice; the song isn’t mere music. It is rather an expression of worship. It is 12 minutes long, which is an ideal period for meditation or emotional catharsis. The song is co-written by Israel Houghton, who is a six time Grammy award winning artist, producer, and songwriter.

It was uploaded on YouTube only a month ago, but it has already garnered a lot of attention and praise. With over 200K views on YouTube, people can’t stop gushing over this song. So, the next time you want to try some soulful music, Good by One House Worship is the song for you. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we strongly encourage you to do so, as it has got our seal of approval. 

Good by One House Worship is available on multiple social media platforms, including Apple Music


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