Ninii: The Rising Star transcends boundaries with her incredible single ‘I Wanna Know’

Ninii is creating authentic, inspiring music. She is not afraid to challenge the status quo and express her genuine self through her art, making good music, albeit not necessarily the style or the type that can easily fit within a trend. If you want to see for yourself, Ninii’s newest release, with an accompanying music video, check out I Wanna Know.

Ninii makes versatile music and infuses it with diverse sounds, genres, and ideas. This helps each song sound unique and distinctive, with Ninii’s own personality and charisma shining through. I Wanna Know is a perfect example of this charming style and offers a memorable audio experience. Ninii does not identify herself with a specific genre of music but rather creates something truly hers, even if it goes against the grain, with the closest descriptor being Afropop.

For Ninii, music is something special and with a lot of personal meaning. When she was young, both her parents tragically died only two years apart, and for her child self, music became a way to feel better and soothe her pain. This deep commitment and involvement with the craft can be seen in her work. She always loved to sing with her father, their favorite song being I Will Survive. This became her mantra for her life and her music. Ninii comes from Nigeria. Throughout her life, the artist has worked hard to become a musician and keep inspiring hope in others through this art, as music was her own lifeline. 


Ninii debuted professional with two singles in 2020. The songs were titled Spontaneous and Suamu Tintin to some acclaim from audiences. In 2021, she released her third single, The Best. This was followed by several more songs released in 2021 and 2022. 2022 also saw the artist debut with Fantasy Girl, her first album.

Ninii weaves smooth vocal performances, sweet melodies, and charming lyrics that have a deeper meaning, always looking to help people and communicate her own emotions and experiences. The artist offers a charming alternative to mainstream music, but her tunes go beyond the superficial.

Ninii is an amazing artist to discover for fans of Afropop and other genres, in general, for those looking for a unique and fresh voice. She offers authentic and passionate performances, always with top quality, with a lot of passion behind each track that she has released so far.

You can find Ninii on various social media platforms. If you want to be the first one to hear about her new projects and releases, you can follow the artist on Instagram @niniimusik. You can find more on the website

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