Miko Reed announces an upcoming project, ‘Back to That Day’

Back to That Day is the upcoming single from rising artist Miko Reed. Set for a June release, it is an exciting blend of genres that is sure to thrill fans of indie music. It features a beautiful, passionate melody that draws from many sources of inspiration to build something new and unique.

Miko Reed is a singer and songwriter from California. She started her journey as a young child and played the piano and the alto saxophone in high school. Soon after, she also discovered an enduring passion for singing and started singing in church, as well as playing piano with her father. Miko has kept working on her musical skills and nurturing the love she feels for this art, which has helped create a unique style. Miko draws from different influences, particularly Gospel, R&B, Funk, Soul, and Jazz.

Miko herself has worked in many genres and groups, including those playing gospel, funk, Latin jazz, reggae, top 40, blues, and more. In addition, she does originals and covers, always bringing up her unique style to each song that she performs. Her songs have been heard on KPRZ K-Praise, Comcast, while her voice recently supported the performances of Grammy-winning artists like Rebecca St. James, Keith & Kristyn Getty, and Brenton Brown.


Back to That Day is sure to please fans of indie musicians who are looking for something authentic and original that makes magic by blending together all kinds of influence and adding a unique flavor. Miko Reed is working hard on her music career, and the upcoming new single is expected to take her to new heights, thanks to the quality of her music and the performer’s usual charisma.

Currently, Miko is recording new songs and performing with three bands, and a fourth one is to come soon. Her own band is Miko & the Magik Soul, which plays funk, soul, and R&B. She also performs with a top 40 dance band, an ’80s tribute band, and is creating a Donna Summer tribute band, Endless Summer.

You can find Miko on Instagram @mikoreed or connect with her through her website. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Back to That Day and many exciting future projects that are sure to follow.


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