Michael Ash Sharbaugh’s Musical Artistry Shines in ‘Trapped (You Need Love)’

Michael Ash Sharbaugh, also known as Mikash, has finally released his anticipated single, Trapped (You Need Love). This is a hypnotic track with a stylish sound, a lot of energy and charisma. The artist is able to create a mix of trip-hop and alternative that is unmatched in the music scene, with a unique vibe that resonates with listeners all over the world. The release saw the light in August of 2023 and has attracted significant attention since then. 

Trapped (You Need Love) is sure to thrill fans of trip-hop and music that goes beyond the usual, and to add a bit of flair, it also has a unique origin story. The track was crafted for a collaboration with a young rapper, but this never took place. Instead, Sharbaugh decided to dive in on his own and took up most roles involved in the production. He served as the composer, the performer, the vocalist, and also as the instrumentalist, which made the track almost one hundred percent his own original creation and work. It allowed him to build a solid artistic vision that has resonated with audiences from across the world. 


Michael Ash Sharbaugh’s Trapped (You Need Love) is a blend of many different elements to create something stylish and unique. It features scat and jazzy vocals that are laid over a powerful, solid bass and drums that can remind listeners of the mighty beats of trap. The fusion is full of emotion and raw energy.

The lyrics and narrative they tell adds to the power. It is focused on exploring the aftermath of a deep and heart-destroying relationship that set the artist off on a profound journey of self-discovery and rediscovery, ending on a hopeful note, with the power of self-love that shines through. The music offers a journey of healing that inspires the listeners to remember their own confidence. 

The artist allows himself to be vulnerable and is not afraid to bare his emotions before the audience, and this emotion can’t leave the audience indifferent. Through the sound and lyrics, Mikash creates a deeply enthralling, immersive experience and encourages a message of self-discovery.

Mikash is an artist who has been recognized for a versatile style and a lot of songwriting talent. It also establishes him as a power to be reckoned with in the indie music scene, with a strong willingness and ability to turn deeply personal stories into relatable narratives that easily find a home in the audiences’ hearts. Mikash is known for his work as a poet, as well as a musician, and in music, he has particularly worked with genres like atmospheric pop, space rock, ambient, and experimental. 


You can find his music streaming on Apple Music. His music is worth discovering for listeners who want to find profound, meaningful narratives, complex but accessible blends of music that stick with you, and delightful genre mixing. It’s sure to interest fans of jazz, pop, and rock who want to discover new names working in the indie scene. 

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