Rejuvenating the flavors of electric and classic hard rock, Canadian band Mercury Messiah has debuted with Sunlight Surfing.

Sunlight Surfing is the electric and explosive debut of Canadian band Mercury Messiah. With a mix of guitars and drums, the band offers a unique album with a rousing sound and a lot of energy. It leaves the audience energized and eager for more, which Mercury Messiah is sure to provide with future releases. 

The band operates on a narrow strip between electric and classic hard rock, which gives them a sound full of energy and power that packs a punch through each riff and beat, soaring and building up tension. The band lists influences like Led Zeppelin, Rush, and The Beatles, who inspired the group to get together in the first place. Mercury Messiah was formed by Johnny Dims and Mano Diles, in charge of vocals and guitar, respectively. The two were childhood best friends and are currently finishing their debut EP that consists of songs they wrote as teens between 13 and 17. The two friends were joined by Alex Brunel on drums and Corrado Johnston on bass to add even more personality to the group. Mercury Messiah signed up with Michael Barbee of Dovetail Entertainment, former manager of Greta Van Fleet. Hailing from Montreal, the rock band is on a path to success many years in the making. 

The track is sure to please hard rock fans and those looking for a new take on classic rock sounds. The mix of electronic sound and exhilarating guitar riffs commands attention and is a perfect track to enjoy for a mood booster or just to rock out. Mercury Messiah styles itself as a new classic band that is not afraid to experiment and mix together genres to achieve the perfect effect on their listeners, creating magnetic, energetic, and exciting songs that can thrill others like their favorite bands thrilled the musicians. With influences from classic rock and modern electronic music, the band offers something new and exciting with much power and passion behind each note. 


Sunlight Surfing also brings the band’s first-ever music video, available on YouTube. Check it out for some nice visuals that add a relaxing vibe that is reminiscent of old-time videos and rockers, reinforcing Mercury Messiah’s image as a modern band with a commitment to style and substance.

If you enjoyed Sunlight Surfing, you are sure to love the rest of the rock tracks the band is bringing soon. Stay tuned for the upcoming EP, and make sure to follow them on Instagram @mercurymessiah.