Matt Burke has dished out brilliant vibes of the Americana genre with his latest single ‘Please Come Over’

Matt Burke has released his third and latest single, and that’s exactly what Americana music needs. 

Please Come Over by Matt Burke is breaking all the records and meeting steadily with the impossible standards of classic country music that is so hard to find these days. Matt grew up in a small town in Florida, spent some time in Chicago, returned to Florida, and finally reached the heart of music, Nashville, Tennessee, in 2019. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when the rest of the life was on hold, Burke spent the majority of his time writing and recording spectacular songs that are catchy as well as romantic. If you are a fan of country music, this song is just best for you. The latest single is rapidly winning hearts with the sweet, flirtatious lyrics and absorbing tunes that are hard to get off your mind. 


The single is centered on a classic bar scene, shots under the neon light, and a dance floor! This is the kind of music that you are sure to hear in bars especially. Matt is certainly a versatile artist whose unique country signing and classic Americana has taken to the folks. After all, who doesn’t like good county music? And this one is worth hooking to. It’s just romantic and makes you feel light and tipsy. The lyrics are classic that you can easily understand and sing along. It creates a vibe that instantly reminds you of neon lights, a cold breeze, and the crowd. Just about all the things we want on a perfect day. When you start listening to the tune, you feel being swept away from the ground, and that’s exactly what country music does to you. 


We can even say that Matt Burke is among those few artists who are producing good Americana music in today’s industry. When we think about country music, this is exactly what we want. Burke has been producing a stream of quality content since the end of 2020. His work has been compared with Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, and Zac Brown. Every single that has been released by Burke meets with a different aspect of the Americana genre. We surely can’t help but listen to the amazing single produced by Burke that is taking us back to the days when taking shots in the neon light was the best Friday night activity. The thrill, the dance, the flirt, it’s got all in it. 


It’s even a great song to dance to with your partner, very vintage and cute. Burke’s music is setting the standards higher for country music in the world of pop and jazz. Trust us when we say that this song should be added to your playlist ASAP. 

If you haven’t yet checked out Please Come Over by Matt Burke, then check it out right now.

You can also visit Matt’s Instagram @mattburkemusic and listen to his music on SoundCloud.