Los Angeles based artist SAMI enchants listeners with her sultry vocals in ‘Am I Your Nightmare?’

Am I Your Nightmare? It is the newest release from SAMI; the multi-talented American artist provides a unique dark pop sound that distinguishes her from the crowd. SAMI’s next single is a pretty recent release, hitting Spotify on May 7, 2021.

SAMI was born in New England and is currently based in Los Angeles. She describes herself in terms of a sultry voice, a lyrical mind, and also her capacity to make visual art. Her first single was Careful Now, which she defines as part of the dark pop genre, which came out in January. SAMI has collaborated with Angill, Chub Hill, and Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan on a hip-hop single titled Keep It Moving. She also provided the cover art and the song lyrics. As SAMI herself says, “people are often surprised to hear I’m a singer, songwriter, and visual artist. They don’t realize, in my head, melody, lyrics, shapes, and colors are all connected; it’s all the same.” 

Am I your nightmare

SAMI describes herself as an artist with a sultry voice, and the newest single gives her voice an opportunity to shine. It perfectly fits the dark aesthetic the artist is going for with an eerie and yet alluring tone that distinguishes her song from the many pop offerings we can find today.


The vocals and lyrics are what stands out about Am I Your Nightmare? The melody with its synth touches allows the voice to truly shine and focuses the listener’s attention entirely on SAMI’s standout vocals and lyrics. With a slight blend of nostalgic sound and a modern or even postmodern approach, the song is likely to please fans of pop who are looking for something less peppy and more thoughtful than many of the usual offerings. It is likely to intrigue those who prefer something a bit more mature and, as the artist herself puts it, sultry. The strong sense of aesthetics, the vocals, and non-standard lyrics make the song an interesting option and make us want to see what SAMI will be bringing in the future. With a couple of cross/genre collaborations under her belt and a few of her own releases, SAMI is working her way up.

Am I your nightmare

The official video for the song is coming on May 14, and it has been produced by Mar-Tamius, with sound engineering by Ingvar Jacobson coming from Story Music Records. To showcase her talent as a visual artist, the music video was filmed, directed, and edited by SAMI, so let’s keep an eye out for this new release that is sure to add more dimensions to the song and complement it with dark visuals.

You can follow SAMI on Instagram @soundslikesami and visit her website. You can also check out her TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook at @soundslikesami. Her music is available on Spotify and all the other major platforms. She provides a pretty active social media presence, so you can stay up to date with her new projects regarding music and also as a visual artist.