Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix’s conceptual pop-punk EP, ‘Dead Summer,’ offer raw emotions paired with strong vocal performances.

Dead Summer is the new collaboration between Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix, two skillful musicians based in Los Angeles and Ottawa, respectively. Dead Summer is a story of mourning and is authentic, bold, and challenging, with a relentless exploration of loss, grief, and the consequences of the global pandemic. With heavy themes like drug abuse, the EP uses the idea of the previous summers that pass on to engage with deep feelings of loss and beyond during the lockdowns. 

Dead Summer offers relatable, profound song lyrics paired with strong vocal performances and melodies. The EP involves collaboration with IOF, Yago Beats, SPLASHGVNG, and Imani Beats, to create an exciting new mix of pop, punk, rock, and rap that makes the work unique piece at the edge of various genres. Each song is full of raw emotion and a sense of vulnerability. Every track has its own flavor and quality, from a sarcastic, bitter track like Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better to the introspective, emotive Alone. The feelings are expressed as they are, genuine and strong. 


Levi Zadoff is a versatile artist committed to freedom and to music as the most powerful tool of communication. His work distinguishes itself for its powerful metaphors, unique melodies, and a psychedelic style that uniquely blends genres. Zadoff often works through his alter ego, Boy Misery. His music has reached several millions of streams on Soundcloud and has thousands of fans on social media. In addition, Zadoff has three viral hits on TikTok.

Dead Hendrix, also known in his civilian life as Gavin Kratt, is an emerging artist from Ottawa, Canada. He has been writing songs since childhood and does not shy away from hard and true topics, like addiction and trauma. However, music is his true passion, and it shows through his signature sound.

The project is intensely personal for both creators who are fulfilling their true ambitions and dreams of making music that they want, experimenting, creating, and developing something distinct. The mix of their talents offers an exciting new sound with powerful lyrics that take advantage of the passion of these artists, with tracks that blend talents to use all their strengths combined.

Dead Summer is a debut for Dead Hendrix and a comeback for Levi Zadoff. You can stream Dead Summer on Spotify and other platforms, and make sure to follow both artists on social media to check out what will come next. You can find Zadoff on Instagram @levizadoff, while Hendrix is active on Instagram @talk2thedead and Twitter @talk2thedeadd. 

You can stream Dead Summer on Spotify or stream and purchase on Distrokid.


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