Rising Star Leol’s latest single ‘Move’ uplifts your mood with a powerful theme of love, infatuation, and seduction.

Leol is back with a new exciting single, Move. It’s a wild and catchy party song with a hook that is destined to stick with the listener and an upbeat tune that will have you bopping along. Happy and uplifting, it’s the perfect tune to add to your day.

Move is a genre-blending song that mixes together R&B beats with pop’s cheerful disposition to create a unique and unpredictable track that entices listeners with a powerful theme of love, infatuation, and seduction that invites everyone to dance along. In a bit of a departure from the darker and more ethereal songs Leol has released before, the song is a perfect showcase of his versatility as an artist. Moreover, it offers a look at a whole new side of his talent that has drawn thousands of listeners in already.

The single follows the highly successful hit Type that drew media attention and received positive reviews from critics, which helped the song rise on streaming platforms. Today, it continues to build up steam and get listens from fans all over the world. Move is a worthy follow-up, with a beat and mood that elevate it and make it stand out even on such a saturated market as the music scene today. Leol’s debut single Call Now has reached over 100k streams. He has also released a haunting EP, Ghosthours, a provocative compilation about love.

Iyan Leol has established himself as a music video director and recording artist. He has been recognized for his genre-busting style that blends darkness, love, sensuality, and authenticity to create a unique experience and build an innovative sound. With influences from trap and other sources, Leol creates a unique blend that is sure to enthrall listeners looking for something fresh and original but at the same time accessible to anyone. In addition to his music, Leol is an avid gamer, favoring the survival horror genre that keeps him busy whenever he is not writing or recording his songs. He has a new release scheduled for October 2021 –  a hot single called Savages that is likely to thrill fans of his music as much as Move has.

You can find Move on Spotify and all the major music platforms. Also, make sure to follow Leol on social media to get notifications and updates on all his latest releases.


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