Emerging hip hop artist Leo Miyagee makes an impressive album ‘Act III’

Act III is the latest project from Leo Miyagee, an emerging hip-hop artist who is working hard to establish himself in the competitive music industry. Act III is a daring and authentic album that draws from the artist’s personal experiences and a finely honed craft of writing that he has been working on for years.

Leo Miyagee is based in Northern Ireland and bringing new beats and sounds to hip-hop from a wholly new perspective. His music is a reflection of a series of eclectic musical tastes and a deep understanding of the craft. The artist describes his work as conscious hip-hop that tries to be both appealing and authentic, expressing the truths that Leo hopes to transmit through the words and beats he uses. 

The artist was first inspired by his English teachers, who contributed to starting writing songs when he was only sixteen. For Leo Miyagee, songs and stories became a way to express his emotions and his struggles. That raw emotion can be felt in Act III, but it doesn’t mean that the album has anything less than professional sound. Leo has committed to high-quality work which is clearly shown in this production. It’s also an authentic experience and a labor of love. The work features quality lyrics with definite meanings and interesting turns of phrases, as well as intriguing beats that cover a variety of moods. 

Act III is likely to appeal to fans of hip-hop, especially those who are looking for a deeper
meaning in their lyrics and who are interested in music that draws from authentic experiences by the artist. It is a great sign of things to come and presents a vital step in the industry.

With almost 5K monthly listeners and still growing, Leo Miyagee isn’t showing any sign of slowing down. We look forward to hearing more from this talented artist. Make sure to follow him on Instagram @leomiyagee. Discover more about him and make sure you don’t miss any new releases.