LALoveTheBoss impresses the Fans with her exciting music video Get Money

LALoveTheBoss is bringing out her official music video for Get Money, an exciting, sexy, and enthralling track that is sure to leave listeners enchanted. 

LALoveTheBoss is also known as Lauren Alease Williams, a talented artist from Glen Burnie, Maryland. She is recognized for her flawless delivery, sharp style, and unavoidable charisma. 

The music video for Get Money is inspired by a roaring twenties aesthetic, with decadent luxury, gorgeous costumes, and style for miles. The song is also sure to thrill fans of rap and other genres thanks to its effective, flawless lyrics, melody, and sound. It features contributions from Jazze Pha, who adds even more talent to this piece. The work was produced by 88 Fingaz. 

Eric 88 Fingaz Parham is a music producer and artist with a strong history across the music scene who has managed to reach significant heights thanks to his passion for the craft. He has been an ongoing collaborator of LaLoveTheBoss. Together, they have been making music for a while, and their collaborations have been hugely successful. They landed on the Billboard’s Single Song Rap Charts on the spot number six. On other media, their work has been even better received. As a duo, they managed to get the number one spot on leading platforms for music streaming, such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and Digital Radio Tracker, a huge deal for independent artists. 

You can find the video for Get Money on YouTube:


Here, it has already reached thousands of views, which shows the quality and appeal that the track and the artist have. LaLoveTheBoss stands out for her powerful presence and a sexy style that is sure to keep listeners hooked. 

In addition to her musical work, LaLoveTheBoss has worked as a model and is also an actress and part of SAG. She has done extensive work as an influencer, model, and now musician. 


Her music is sure to please fans of rap, RnB, and other genres who are looking for fresh voices in the indie scene. LaLoveTheBoss, alongside 88 Fingaz, has become a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and this has been linked to her unique talent, presence, and ability. This music video offers a great introduction to those who are not familiar with this artist and has a lot of quality, professionalism, and attention to detail. With incredible sets, costumes, and design, the music video provides a perfect complement for the track and highlights the amazing style that has earned LaLoveTheBoss thousands of followers across various social media platforms and music streaming services. 


You can find LaLoveTheBoss on social media at several platforms. Discover her amazingly styled Instagram @lalovetheboss_.

LaLoveTheBoss is sure to ascend even further and make big waves across the music industry, as she has already reached the Billboard charts, so it remains to be seen just how far she will go from here.


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