‘Gold Souls’ has churned out profound rock beats with mighty vocals in their sophomore single ‘Know Your Kind’.

Know Your Kind is the newest single from Gold Souls, the talented band that has been making a splash on the rock music scene. The track is catchy, motivating, and energizing, full of an infectious enthusiasm that will make all listeners bang their heads.
Consisting of two brothers, Dré Tempfer on vocals, Ry Tempfer on drums, and Danny Goldfarb on guitars, the group has built their synergy since 2014. Gold Souls is poised to bring hypnotic energy back to rock music by a deep-rooted understanding of the music genre.

The single conveys a comforting yet unsupportive relationship – where one partner has a different vision, resulting in one partner leaving to confront the world on their own. The story can resonate with anyone who has found themselves trapped or stalled by another person, facing difficulties moving forward. The track invites the listener to face the world and leave what is stifling them, a powerful message that is certain to hit just the right notes for many people.

Gold Souls have a lot to offer in terms of talent and innovation. Their music, Know Your Kind, in particular, is likely to resonate with fans of rock who are looking for fresh voices in the genre. It is also a perfect fit for any motivational playlist that will surely inspire the listeners to move and exercise, as it is a very high-energy song. At the same time, it does not feature banal lyrics, striving to tell an authentic, vibrant, and resonant story, leaving the audience with something to think about.

You can listen to Know Your Kind on Spotify and other major platforms. Check out too the official visualizer shot by their creative director, Sparksss.

Follow Gold Souls on Instagram @goldsoulsofficial to stay tuned for any new releases, as they are sure to bring a lot more exciting music and rock projects.


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