Jupiter Gray announces the much-anticipated launch of her new EP, ‘Pressure’

Jupiter Gray is all set to release her upcoming EP, ‘Pressure,’ on January 11. The 6-track project was recorded remotely in Columbus, Ohio, exposing her raw, vulnerable, and playful sides. It also follows Jupiter through a journey of rediscovering her competitiveness in the male-dominated and transphobic genre of hip-hop and rap.

Pressure is a direct rebuttal to all those who doubt Gray’s skills and ability, with powerful bars, beats, and lyrics. In addition, the album offers collaboration with other voices and is an effective show of her artistry to create something innovative.

Hailing from Ohio, Jupiter Gray is known for her lyricism and trans woman identity. She was scheduled to sign with a major label back in 2017, but after her transition was made public, the label never contacted her again. This did not deter Gray in the slightest, and she chose to move forward with her career. Her debut project as a trans woman was released in 2018, titled “Flowasis.” Since then, she has reached new heights and has become a name to reckon with, being featured in reputable music publications, such as Billboard, Boston Hassle, Paper Magazine, Grammy.com, and many others. Jupiter Gray has also worked with leading artists in the scene and is also creating her own highly recognizable style.

Before ‘Pressure,’ she also released the well-received singles like ‘Can’t Afford Me’ and ‘Villain.’ In ‘Pressure,’ she will be seen collaborating with Melody The Ghost, a black trans woman in California who handled the production side. Equally-talented artist Heather Hills will be seen in the track ‘Bad Girls,’ while Florida personality 99 in the track, ‘Freakz.’ Chill Smith is also seen producing the track ‘Pluto.’

Offering a hypnotic series of beats and powerful lyrics, ‘Pressure’ will certainly provide a captivating listening experience. The EP is a great recommendation for anyone who is looking for new and creative voices in the hip-hop industry. Indeed, Jupiter Gray is a star on the rise, and it is easy to see why – thanks to her talent, boldness, and hard work.

Make sure to connect with Jupiter Gray via her Instagram handle @jupitergrayraps to get all the updates about her musical endeavors. Watch out for the EP on January 11, it will be available on all major platforms, including Spotify.


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