Groove with Julien Noma’s exquisite release ‘Flora’ that is soothing to the ears

Julien Noma is a rising artist who has been working as a DJ, composer, and musician. Now, he is bringing his newest release, Never Let Me Go, as a project of the duo Dirty Frenchies. Never Let Me Go is a preview of the upcoming album Phoenix and is an exciting, vibrant melody that is sure to find a lot of fans among people who enjoy EDM. In addition to his work as part of Dirty Frenchies, his newest solo release, Iris, is a thrill for fans of his style, with beautiful and harmonious arrangements that are sure to keep audiences hooked. 

Julien has been fortunate enough to participate in a lot of exciting things in the night life. His music has been setting fire to clubs and dance floors across Europe. Starting from Dijon (France), to the famous Queen Club of Paris and after 5 years in Saint Barth (French West Indies), in 2018 he arrived in Dubaï (United Arab Emirates) for a new start.

Julien discovered musical production in 2012, he likes to create and build his music inspired by different styles and musical base.

He always focuses on different styles of music and his evolution. Julien used to play alongside iconic and talented artists. His own music has been versatile, emotional, and very personal, and unique. Julien loves to share positive emotions with his audience, sending dynamic energy through the beats of each track. Music is not just a career but a passion. He is now an audiophile as a full-time job, this « Emotion Artist » loves to create his own atmosphere, filed by ear. He develops a positive and dynamic energy and sends beautiful emotions. For him, it is a way of sharing, celebrating, and communicating. And Iris is a perfect showcase of the atmosphere, style, and emotional power that distinguish this artist. 

Music for him is a means of communication with which he can transmit and share emotions. He gives a lot of importance to the choice of his melodies and arrangements, which can be clearly experienced in Iris and other works. Noma’s music is distinguished by a clear understanding of what makes music work and an in-depth intuition for making his songs work effectively, with just the right emotional beats that elevate his music and allow listeners a chance to share the musician’s emotions and experiences. Positive, vibrant, and dynamic, he is an artist to look out for, especially for those interested in EDM and other modern music that brings together catchy beats and beautiful harmonies, full of positive emotion that one cannot help but feel while listening to Julien’s music. 

You can find out more about Julien Noma on social media. Make sure to follow the artist to be the first one to learn of his new releases and new projects. Also, check out the project Dirty Frenchies, a successful and awesome team-up that brings the best in EDM music and has conquered dance clubs all over Europe and beyond its boundaries. 

You can check out the Youtube channel and also, take a look at Instagram @juliennoma. Stay tuned for more exciting work!


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