Get swayed by the incredible storytelling of Joseph Pagano Band in the Indie-Rock song Damned

Damned is the fresh new release from Joseph Pagano Band, coming in hot on all the major music platforms. Damned is an indie-rock song developed and produced during the height of the pandemic with a strong focus on emotions and human connection, so lacking these days.

The track is thoughtful and goes in deep through meaningful lyrics and creative hooks that keep the audience engaged from beginning to end. ‘’I was looking for something I wanted to be, I was looking for someone just like me.‘’ Chorus then hooks up the listeners – “I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t, damned if I will, damned if I won’t.”

Joseph Pagano is an acclaimed singer and songwriter from New Jersey who has earned an important place on the indie scene. Past releases, like the single Take Me from 2020 and More Friends in Heaven (Than in Hell) from 2017 and his EPs like Graveyard of Dreams and Time and Colors, have been positively received and landed Joseph on different radio stations and top lists. In particular, he was the #1 featured artist on WOA Records Independent #1’s Volume 8. Also, he reached the top radio play for his songs for WGLS-FM NJ USA and other radio stations that favor indie music. In addition, he toured across the US with 22 performances, including shows in New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago, in pre-COVID times.

This artist’s music is made by him as an auteur, as he does the writing, arrangement, recording, production, and more in his own studio. This allows Joseph to reflect on his own nature and be authentic in everything he does. Joseph plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, the ukulele, the bass, the keyboard, and the synthesizers, and is also proficient with drum machines. In 2020, he was present at the Grammy Awards and has been a voting member for several years, reflecting his knowledge and expertise in music and all things to it.

Pagano’s music offers insightful lyrics and beautiful sounds that create a harmonious and energetic melody. He draws inspiration from rock and the indie scene but creates something truly unique and full of genuine emotion. He is attuned to the sound of each instrument and uses them effectively to impact the listener. His songs are full of powerful imagery that are sure to resonate with many. Damned has strong lyrics that hit hard and are likely to stay with the audience for a while. This reflective style and tendency to create meaningful music that is sure to be enjoyed by different audiences distinguish Joseph and have contributed to his success.

You can find Damned streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all the major music platforms. Check out Joseph’s website and Instagram @josephpaganoband to stay tuned for more new projects and discover this amazing artist.


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