The charismatic JoeliD fascinates listeners with reggae tunes in his latest single ‘I Believe’.

I Believe is the newest single from JoeliD. It is his first reggae-style song and his second collaborative project with A Band Called Paul, their first being Breaking Through. In short, it’s an excellent song for the world, delivering a heartfelt, almost gospel reggae feel with the message of coming together.

On the heels of that single, JoeliD has a lot of other singles coming out with a few features and collaborations that sound very exciting. Not to mention JoeliD and his father Joel Sr. Are staring in a YouTube show called JOEL&JOEL!!! that has captivated thousands with hilarity.

Next to release is the highly anticipated feature by fellow Arizona rapper, Ty-Lar on the song Tomorrow’s Ride. Set to release September 17th. Coming from JoeliD Productions, this song has a revealing message that keeps the listener on their feet, drawing inspiration from a Fast and Furious movie vibe.

Out on November 11th is another collaborative song, Momma Told Me, with another Arizona native and producer, FreQuin_C. This song is pure hip-hop. FreQuin_C put his best foot forward to produce a melodic instrumental and captivating mastering that complements JoeliD’s vocal performance, showcasing the importance of his mother. Coincidentally, the song will be released on his mother’s birthday, as a tribute to her. It tells the story of how her sickness only made him pursue his lyrical art.

On top of these releases, JoeliD is also co-starring in the new YouTube show JOEL&JOEL!!!. Episodes already filmed, releasing new every Friday at least through November. With thousands of views, the show is already a hit. People are loving the hilarity of seeing Joel Sr. interact with JoeliD(father and son) as they eat whatever is thrown their way. One reviewer said, 

“…this dynamic duo is the new Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. They’re hilarious! Who cares what strange food they’re eating! Just watching their personalities interact is show enough. I’d watch them do anything together…”


JoeliD has also hinted at a feature from a female Arizona vocalist named Daisy. The song’s project title is Struggling, which, as we know, could still change until finalized. 


In closing, JoeliD has a lot of work up his sleeve, from the features and collaborations to the YouTube show called JOEL&JOEL!!!. He has had a big year, putting out his freshmen album, The Rebrand in January, and his sophomore album, Remix To Resurrect in May, and his rumored signing to Undercover Prodigy; he is a truly talented musician, and we can’t wait to hear more from him. 

You can follow him on Instagram @JoeliD16.