James “StickNasty” Small creates a Musical Sensation with his Album ‘A Universal Love Language’

James “StickNasty” Small has dropped his long-anticipated album, A Universal Love Language. This represents the artist’s formal debut and an exploration of themes of universal love, gratitude, and sharing. The musician’s songs are personal, vulnerable, and profoundly transformative for the listener, as they are full of love. 


A Universal Love Language is meant to be music. Music represents a way in which anyone can express themselves and communicate their feelings. People from different cultures can relate to the same stories, enjoy the same music, and share the same emotions that are presented through the melodies. This album is a great demonstration of this idea, as all its music is full of love, compassion, and resilience in the face of hardship. The album shares personal stories and a sense of artistry that is remarkable, using vulnerability to connect with listeners and, ultimately, reinforce the central concept of what it means to have the language of music, which can speak to anyone, anywhere.

StickNasty draws from multiple genres to construct his album. In particular, he has influences that range from gospel to hip-hop and pop. Beyond his own significant talents, the musician brings in other artists from the Bay Area as collaborators, and the unique synergy that he shares with these people shines through the album. The amazing experience uplifts voices and talents from the Bay Area.


The artist developed his album during the COVID pandemic, and it was a source of motivation, hope, and inspiration. The album reflects a complex set of feelings, which are reflected in the complexity of the tracks. The music reflects the different aspects of his emotions and also all the different personal and societal situations that were developing during this time. The album was developed as his relationship with his girlfriend, now fiancee, blossomed and grew, which is reflected in the tender feelings of love. But also, there is a reflection of the BLM movement, the protests, and everything else going on in society at that time. 

However, StickNasty did not develop the album as a way to add to the voices or to share his feelings clearly, but also to inspire people to experience positive feelings and emotions. 

A Universal Love Language is a beautiful piece of music, a compilation of songs celebrating the idea of love and more. James Small has created an amazing series of tracks that are certain to engage the audience. It’s sure to be enjoyed by fans of indie music who are looking for amazing genre blends, mixing hip-hop, rap, gospel, and beyond. The music is full of emotion, passion, and beyond, a lot of gorgeous lyrics and music; the songs are beautiful and powerful, with a solid dedication to love. 


The album, as reflected in the name, is full of love. It is meant to inspire people and help them deal with the difficulties of life. You can find and enjoy the inspiration and the style of this beautiful album on all the streaming platforms. You can follow him on Instagram @j_sticknasty.

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