Jacob Rice’s new single “How A Man Treats A Lady” is astonishingly amazing

How a Man Treats a Lady is the brand new single from Jacob Rice, released via All Year Records. This is a country-pop blend with a strong rhythm, powerful vocals, and lyrics that are sure to make listeners sigh and wonder. How a Man Treats a Lady draws from a rich country tradition and is the first single of the upcoming and highly anticipated debut EP from the artist, set for an August release. The EP is titled Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Jacob Rice is a musician from Vermont, based in Tennessee, who is pursuing a career in country music. This new single is a joint project with a good friend James Sinclair-Stott, his producer, who has worked hard to make it as perfect as it can be.

How A Man Treats A Lady offers soulful vocals and a memorable sound that promotes a message of confidence and playfulness. To get a partner and maintain one, you need to be yourself and treat them right, which is the central, humorously delivered idea behind the track. It offers a practical series of advice meant to inspire confidence and creates the perfect atmosphere of light-hearted fun and a bit of advice, including that you must say yes if the woman you are with wants to dance.



Jacob Rice draws inspiration from artists like Old Dominion, Dierks Bentley, and Bruno Mars. His goals are to have sharp writing, where lyrics and music are concerned. The country music he creates tends towards positive vibes, fun, and feel-good experiences. How A Man Treats A Lady is an excellent example of his music. The song is light and fun, perfect for a good time, but it also has something to say and share. It takes the listener for a spin and reminds them to have confidence, to be themselves. It is sure to provide a great listen for country music fans looking for something humorous and nice.

Jacob Rice entered the streaming scene with a bang in April, but he has been making waves since and even before. Rice is known for his live performances in Nashville and has earned the Rising Talent from the Bluebird Cafe, The 2021 Golden Pick Winner, and he was also a finalist in the Tennessee Songwriters Week competition in 2022. In addition, Jacob has been picked Unsigned Artist of the Month by the Listening Room Cafe. With all these accolades, he is well-known in Nashville and sure to rise beyond. Streaming has helped Rice reach thousands of new listeners beyond the boundaries of Vermont and Tennessee, and his debut album is sure to add even more to this number.

You can get and listen to How A Man Treats A Lady on Jacob Rice’s website, as well as all the main streaming services, including Spotify. You can connect with Rice on Instagram @Jacob_ricemusic. Make sure to check out his upcoming live shows and discover the stories behind the happy and engaging music he has been making.


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