J. Irja’s ‘Go Time’: A Music Video that’s Set to Dominate the Charts!

Go Time from J. Irja is a thrilling new track with an authentic message and striking lyrics. This new release is certain to captivate minds and hearts and keep listeners hooked. 

J. Irja is a Canadian-born artist who was raised in the Midwest. She is becoming a more powerful force in the market and standing out in the indie scene today with her own entertainment label. The music she creates is authentic and powerful, even unapologetic in its desire to share a true story. She wants to show her struggle and hardship, reflect this in her music, and also help others achieve success by creating a brand that’s authentic to their actual being. Irja runs a label that focuses on rebranding and marketing companies and individuals in different fields, including modeling. However, in regards to her music, J. Irja stands out for her fearless lyrics, solid style, and amazing performance.

Go Time is a song that stands on its own. The current music market is overflowing with similar songs that reprise the same beats, themes, and sounds, however, this is not the case here. Go Time is unique, with a quirky beat and amazing lyrics that pump the energy up with one-liner after one, and each can easily stand on its own. The song is catchy and perfectly stylish, with a beat to remember and a lot of flair. 

In addition to the track itself, memorable in its own right, J. Irja’s Go Time comes with a hot, sexy, and humorous video, with visuals that are as bold as the lyrics and often can be funny and yet appealing. She is willing to show herself in different situations and drops her amazing rap skills to give the track the right power and energy.


Irja has experienced many struggles, from abuse to brain damage; however, today, she uses that pain as creative fuel to make her lyrics feel true and authentic. Everything she says is based on something real and on her experiences, which adds an edge and a feeling of connection. She defines her brand as Sexy Psycho, and that’s a true reflection of who she is, making her brand both fun and edgy but also real and authentic. J. Irja defines herself as a hustler, a jet setter, and a humble yet real personality who wants to connect with her fans and views them as her family. 


J. Irja writes every single lyric that she can be heard performing. This artist stands out for her perseverance, powerful style, unique energy, and authentic and bold lyrics that she delivers flawlessly. J. Irja is sure to engage fans of female rappers looking for bold new names on the scene, and she delivers exactly what she promises: something bold, authentic, and shining, alongside an energy unlike any other and a raw honesty that draws listeners in and keeps them engaged.

You can find J. Irja’s music on Apple Music as well as on YouTube Music.