It’s Ya Boy FiF marks his glowing presence in the industry with his single ‘Threat’

It’s Ya Boy FiF is an artist born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. He began his path toward becoming a professional musician in 2021 when the pandemic was in full swing. At this point, the artist started mixing and mastering his music, but he developed a deep passion for the craft a while back. In addition to his work as a musician, FiF has always wanted to be multi-dimensional and multi-talented, so he developed his work as an audio engineer, artist, podcaster, and promotion specialist, developing the skill of mastering and mixing to create truly unique tracks and projects. On Sunday, FiF works with fellow podcasters Styles and Weapon to produce SunDaze W/ Styles, Weapon, and FiF, but this is just one of the many projects he is developing at the moment. The artist has projects that have grown his Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify presence significantly. 



His current main musical project is his debut single, Threat, which came out in March. This is a single that features the collaboration and talents of Carl El’ Cuñau, another rising star. FiF is beginning to gain recognition for his music work among the urban Latin community and hip-hop circles, especially in the vicinity of New England. In addition to this musical release, FiF has close to 10 projects that have been mixed and mastered by him. 

Currently, FiF is developing many new projects, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for future releases from this up-and-coming audio engineer, who is self-taught and owning it. His passion shines through in everything that he does, and it is clear how much he loves the creativity of making his own songs, mixing, mastering, and offering something better. This passion provides just the right energy for each project that he has released so far.


Threat is full of energy and showcases the amazing talents of the two musicians collaborating. With a polished style, it is already earning thousands of views and streams from listeners all over the world thanks to the impeccable vibes, delivery, and production. The work bodes well for the future releases from this artist, showing how quickly he is growing and how meaningful these projects are for him. It’s sure to lead to more great releases in the future, so listeners can follow FiF on social media and check out his projects.

You can find the single on YouTube:


His music and podcasting work can also be found on Spotify. His music is full of raw energy and passion that are being polished to offer the best experience to his listeners. Whether it’s through podcasting or creating music, FiF offers his best and showcases the amazing growth he has had in aspects like mixing and mastering, which is something that is sure to improve even more over time. Stay tuned for future projects, and check out the music and podcasts coming from this up-and-coming artist, who shows how passion can trump everything else on the way to greatness.


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