‘In Love With Me’ by Debra Danielsen is a powerful self-love anthem and a celebration of how beautiful everyone is!!

In Love With Me‘ is the newest release from Debra Danielsen, who has provided the track as an early look at her debut album, ‘RHEB3L.’ A powerful self-love anthem, this new pop single is likely to draw a lot of listeners to this artist. 

Debra is a reality TV personality who has appeared on MTV, VH1, CBS, Hallmark, Hulu, and WEtv. She has worked as a commercial model too and has appeared in both NBC/Universal Hulu Series ‘’The Act’’ and the ‘’Lost & Found’’ Hallmark movie. She has also gained some notoriety for her Italian recipes and products. Debra is also an accomplished athlete, she was a Relay Runner for Salt Lake Olympic Torch Relay in NE representing Lucent Technologies in the 2002 Winter Olympics. However, now she is revealing more openly a new facet of her talent – singing, and rapping. Debra says that many people don’t realize that she is also a music artist and now hopes to truly express her vocal and lyrical talent through the debut album. Debra wants to be authentic in everything she does and inspire others to be authentic as well. This shift in her career is linked to her love for music and a desire to bring hope and acceptance to others. 

Debra’s single showcases her lovely voice and also has a strong message. Rather than focusing on the love you might feel for another person, like the majority of pop songs today, ‘In Love With Me’ is all about truly accepting and loving yourself. The lyrics send a powerful message of self-acceptance and self-love that recognizes and celebrates how unique, beautiful, and talented everyone is. It is likely to hit close to home for anyone who is feeling left out or alone, and many of us have been at this point at one time or another. Debra wants her fans and listeners to be authentically themselves, as she always strives to be. ‘In Love With Me‘ has a powerful message for anyone to accept themselves and let go of what others think, just allowing themselves to be true to who they are inside and what their gut tells them to do. 

In Love With Me‘ provides a nice taste of what is to come later in 2021 with RHEB3L, her debut album that is expected to make an impact with listeners and bring even more positive energy and love. Debra wants to reach those who feel unloved and promote the strength and talent most people have but might not realize. The song is full of positive energy and has a nice pop vibe that makes the listener bop along with a smile. 

Debra Danielsen is on Instagram @ddanielsen1 , you can know more about her at https://linktr.ee/debradanielsen. You can also find her on YouTube, where she offers her music and also vlogs about her lifestyle and answers questions from her followers. 

In Love With Me‘ is currently available on Spotify and other music platforms. Stay tuned for the release of RHEB3L and other major updates.