Vanalika Shan enchants her fans with dreamy vocals and heartfelt style in her newest release – (I’m) Crazy.

(I’m) Crazy is the newest release from singer/songwriter Vanalika Shan that offers her fans a new experience. Vanalika brings to this song some aspects that have become trademarks of her: a heartfelt style, diverse influences, and deep and meaningful lyrics that dissect the common phenomenon of love as it rises and then falls.

(I’m) Crazy was inspired by the Netflix series,You, a hit show that explores the darker side of love, involving the feeling of darkness, violence, and even murder to take a new look at our understanding of relationships. (I’m) Crazy shows the image of a sinister love that hides behind a pleasant-seeming facade that slowly fades away to reveal a dark underbelly. The facade is effectively presented through soft, dreamy vocals and smooth guitar riffs that adopt an almost silky quality. It starts as a pleasant, pink daydream that slowly shifts and disappears to make the listener drop from cloud nine into the harsh reality and discontent.


Vanalika Shan is an artist born in India. When she was three, she moved to the United States and began her musical journey shortly after. Her first experience was singing for the school choir, but that quickly escalated, taking Vanalika to performances at the Sydney Opera House and sharing the stage with iconic Indian performers. She has appeared in high-profile events, like iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball, talk shows on TV, and more. Vanalika started as a performer but eventually transitioned to writing and making her songs. Her music is full of positive energy and is meant to add a bit more happiness to the world, one sunflower at a time, as the artist herself expresses her mission.

Vanalika Shan’s music can interest listeners looking for songs drawing from multiple influences and cultures. She offers uplifting, happy, and heartwarming songs that will please those looking for something sweet to add to their day. Vanalika studied music across the United States, India, and Australia, drawing inspiration from modern pop and classical Indian music, which has allowed her to create a unique style that offers a bright style of music. Vanalika’s name means sunflower, which provides an apt visual for the bright, uplifting music that she makes.

You can stream Vanalika Shan’s music, including the (I’m) Crazy release on all the main platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. You can visit the artist’s website for more information.

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