Groove to the brilliance of INTL Kool as he releases his ‘Indrillnational Mixtape series’ filled with versatile music

INTL Kool is set to release the Indrillnational Mixtape series this year and the first EP in 2024. This artist is making a splash thanks to his stylish and versatile music and is planning his long-awaited return with new releases set for 2023 and 2024.

International Kool, better known as INTL Kool, is a lyricist and musician who moves around the world and travels across the US. He was born in the Midwest and then moved to the Tristate region. Kool became an emcee renowned for his versatile style and influence, he could deliver trapper, rap caviar, drill, and melodic sound without skipping a beat. The style that this musician uses resonates with recognized styles of Shyne Po or Pop Smoke, so fans of these will certainly be eager to stream his music.

Kool offers a lot of different styles and sensibilities to enjoy. He has soft, melodic tracks that explore relationships or reflect on life. Examples of these include Heartburn and Bonnie and Klyde, which showcase the musician’s ability to be smooth and put the lyrics first to explore different topics and themes. Be Kool and Havoc Habits are tracks, on the other hand, that are gritty and come down harder with a drill style that is sure to leave listeners enthralled and vibing along. He also brings club tracks like Geekn’ and Goal Digger to light up any dance floor and party scene. 

This musician already has several releases under his belt, with his latest being the more reflective and focused Bonnie and Klyde. But throughout all the tracks, what shines through is his versatility, ability to create powerful, memorable lyrics, and a smooth delivery and flow that are perfect for enjoying.

You are sure to enjoy the music by INTL Kool if you like rap and are a fan of genres like drill. However, thanks to the versatile styles that this musician shows, many people are sure to be drawn to his music. Depending on what you enjoy the most, you might try the smooth-flowing, soft, and thoughtful tracks like Bonnie and Klyde, the party-style, all-out singles like Goal Digger that lit the dancefloor on fire, or the heavy, gritty drill tracks like Be Kool. All show the signature style of this musician and his versatility, which is certain to bring more and more fans to his side.

INTL Kool is set to release the Indrillnational Mixtape series in 2023, an upcoming collection of tracks that focus on drill and explore this style. He will also be putting out an EP in 2024, so there is a lot to look out for any listener who has enjoyed his music. There are many promising future releases, so it’s worth subscribing and following to ensure you catch them all.

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We had the pleasure of interviewing INTL Kool. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey. 

Hi, the strategy that has helped me along my journey is educating myself. My favorite quote is, “you never notice your chains if you’re not moving. That means educating yourself in the best form of learning through travel as well as educating yourself on marketing and public relations. Those two are very important in the music industry. 


Any message for our readers? 

Music is a therapeutic way of coping with stress, and anxiety and is an expression of happiness. I encourage all my readers and listeners to enjoy music that uplifts their spirits and motivates them daily for your mood. I also would advocate for anyone dealing with a tough time to seek professional consultation and advice, not solely rely on the vibrations of music for help. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you? 

You can learn more about me by following my active Instagram account @InternationalKool. Also, you can check my Twitter and Facebook (INTL KOOL) fan pages for news, merchandise, and music updates. 


Thank you so much for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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