Get the essence of New Age Hip Hop Music with ‘Space Trippin’ by Young American Rapper Zion the Don!!

In a world oversaturated with watered-down auto-tune drenched rap, Zion the Don is a guiding light paving the way for a brave new world of modern hip-hop. His style fuses catchy melodies to infectious rap rhythms and organic instrumentation. The rapper’s emotion-dripped bars effortlessly flow over soft, catchy beats that really hook you from start to finish. He manages to keep it clean while still having an edgy exterior that shows he means business. 


Authentic anthems straight from the streets. Zion’s contagious tracks blur the perfect line between accessible hooks and boundary-breaking innovation. He’s managed to position himself as a fresh new flavor on the rap scene, keeping it real and accessible to all while still obliterating expectations and bringing something unique to the table. Melding smart lyricism to simple, easy-to-sing-along-to hooks, he truly is the full package. His songs could easily be heard on the radio just as much at an underground rap show.

You can check out the below song he did when he was 12 about Suicide Awareness:

The up-and-coming artist dropped his first mixtape “13” in 2020. It was a culmination of all the songs he made since the age of thirteen. In the new year, he started preparing to drop a successful string of singles that cemented him as a serious force to be reckoned with in the wider music industry. His first single of 2021, “Space Trippin,” set the stage for what’s to come. With unforgettable melodies and strong lyrics, it really showcased him at his very best. He followed this up with “The Come up,” then “Float Away,” and finally “Rockstar.” 

The young artist is only fourteen though he clearly has a bright future ahead of him already. Writing has always acted as an escape from his tough environment for him. Growing up in Washington, DC, opened his eyes to the dark realities of life. His highly-refined skills have even landed him a place at the acclaimed Duke Ellington School of Arts. Though he decided instead to move out to Los Angeles after being called out by Paradigm Talent Agency. With already such a strong body of work at such a tender age, it’s clear this is one artist with a bright future ahead of him.

About Zion the Don



Zion the Don is an emerging fourteen-year-old hip-hop artist hailing from Washington, DC. The rapper’s smooth, effortless flow has been capturing listeners’ imagination for over a year now. Music acts as an escape for him. A place where he can vent his deep innermost thoughts and turn them into art for all the world to enjoy.

You can check out his Instagram @ZionTheDon_, Twitter @ZionTheDon and Facebook. You can also subscribe to his Youtube channel for updates.