From street-corner battles to launch of music albums, Hip Hop Artist Jerome Caldwell, aka Lowdown Fixit shares his journey.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Jerome Caldwell, aka Lowdown Fixit, an Hip Hop Artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Lowdown started rapping at a young age, from street-corner battles to school lunch table battles. His debut album “Painting Pictures” was released in 2017 on all digital platforms and several Mixtape sites. 

Can you please tell us more about your journey?

My journey started as a kid, just writing down my favorite artist lyrics like Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Krs One, and reciting them in front of my peers and actually battling a couple of neighborhood friends. It used to be my brother and me against a couple of close friends. We linked up and started doing McDonald’s talent shows and other Parks on the 4th of July, competing with other artists around the hood. And as time passed, we started a group called H.U.$.T.L.A.Z that consist of 2 more close friends PHILLY MO AND SHAW we called him One Man and later he drop out the group and continue his career with another group sponsored by the RUNNIN REBELS then we meet this impeccable lyricist called U.N.I Corleon. short for Unique that made a great fit who eventually change his name too Niger Amen. Later on, we started to get deep and kept talent around Us crazy talent like Ace, Cairo, Mister Majesty, Lord Kenyatti man we formed like Voltron and start calling ourselves THE SPECIALIST OUTFIT. I have a saying called

”Life a getcha where you SUPOSE to be”.

It means as you get older, you can’t fake it with yourself. You start to embrace it. Lowdown-Fixit

Everybody started to fade away, life hit as we know it lol. Philly Mo moved to Arizona as well as Niger, Ace a stomp down lyricist who also rap with Cairo who I meet when I stay in the Hundits still there when we need him minus his busy schedule it’s in him.When I met fam, he was the first person I knew who actually went to a real studio. He used to show off his pics on the bus on the way to school. We were recording in closets lol, but we eventually started hitting them booths up. 


We had got a manager name Burrel, he showed us the meaning of pay for your on studio time. The man took our lyrics and used them without our permission. And, then, when we stopped indulging with his nonsense, he grabs one of our guys, took our lyrics off, and put my men on it, O Boi. Till this day, when I see him, I tell them to fix it. We also knew this one group called soul fool who had a dope manager, and they use to need us to perform with them. Their manager loved us so, every time they perform, we were there. We went on to perform for a lot of hip hop heads in Chicago.


A lot of my best show of all times to this day was when we were opening up for bone thug n harmony. When they were in the highest of the career, it was crazy. We also use to move in the groove with this group called “Dying Breed” off the east and top floor rip T.A THA WIZ, but who would have thought about 2020. 

Please tell us about your latest album.

I am on my second album. I am about to drop my album called “I don’t bend break or fold.” I got 3 videos now on Youtube and waiting on the 4th. I am pushing off this album. I am not going to play with it. I am Milwaukee’s best-kept secret.

I am an artist with Cdyvine Muzik Group Publishing L.L.C (CDMG LLC). CDMG is owned by Cairo Dyvine, one of the friend’s brother I grew with through this music struggle, as we know it. 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey?

Strategies I use is just keeping it real. I don’t follow that new era what we are seeing on T.V, skinny jeans, a lot of singing and dancing. I ain’t on none of that. I came from the streets been putting my life in these notebooks before a lot of artist figures were out. Or, should I say who got a run in these cats doing anything for the fame even if it takes jail as I said on my track “tap in we don’t tap out”…..” where have you been I am the ink in your pen” #bigfacts lol 

Any message for our readers.

Yeah, don’t count me out, lol. I need you all. Jeezy said it the best “How can I lose the whole city behind me.” Milwaukee, it’s time to stand up and support your boi Fixit. 

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can log into my Facebook page Lowdown Fixit Fan page and also check me out.Im also on Datpiff, Mymixtapez.con,Pandora,Spotify, and Deezer. Type me in your search bar I’m on all plateforms .

I have 3 right now as we speak but I will have at least 5 visual off my new up coming album and still…..upcoming album dropping real soon FIXIT!!!!!!

Thank you so much for giving us your precious time. We wish you all the best for your upcoming music album.


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