The album ‘The Outer Space Lounge’ by alternative band ‘Frequency Bleu’ takes you on a sonic journey into space

We had the pleasure of interviewing Peter Wegner, composer, lead synth player, and frontman for the band ‘Frequency Bleu. 

‘Frequency Bleu’ is an experimental independent alternative band originating in the Northeastern U.S.A., creating a fusion of space, techno, retro dance, & electronic. The band’s compositions often evoke blue ethereal feelings and focus on space and fantasy worlds. Whether their song is fast or slow, the common thread in Frequency Bleu’s music is a sense of mystery and being off-kilter and out of one’s comfort zone. 

Frequency Bleu, led by keyboardist and composer P.J. Wegner, embraces experimental music by incorporating new digital synthesizer technologies with classical instruments. A fusion of new and old makes the best of the past and future.

Here are the excerpts from the interview. 


Hi Peter, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about yourself.

Hi, we have just released our new album, The Outer Space Lounge, and that is what we are here to tell you about today. ‘Frequency Bleu’ is an independent alternative band delving into the fringes of experimental music. Our new album takes you on a sonic journey into space! 

What motivated you to create this album? 

I’ve always wondered what music might be like in strange environments like a lounge full of intelligent creatures in a distant world. If someone were to perform in front of an audience of aliens, humanoids, and robots, what would they play? It is fun to imagine such a setting! Each song we composed here has a different space-related topic. Some of the songs ponder existence in space and the feelings involved. Other songs describe magical locations we might go to. When we use our imaginations of what exists in the universe, some unusual songs and sonic experiments take shape! Space is a regular theme in Frequency Bleu’s music, and this album ties that theme together in a lounge setting.


Please tell us more about your album, The Outer Space Lounge.

Imagine that you are transported to a lounge in a space station on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. You look around and notice a room full of aliens, robots, and humanoids. A band plays on the stage. Our new album, “The Outer Space Lounge” is THAT experience. We’ve brought together a collection of compositions where we imagine space, other worlds, and beings beyond our planet. If you went to a night of music in a far-flung space station, what might you hear? That is the journey our new album takes you on. The album starts with a Vegas-style announcer welcoming you and your fellow space beings to the Outer Space Lounge.


The journey begins… Some of the highlights of the album are the following songs: 

A World Away” is a fast-moving techno-pop song about a young woman who has left Earth for a life in space. She finds herself alone and longing for those she left behind but meets someone along the way. 

Saturn’s Clock” is a Philip Glass-styled instrumental song about the clock of Saturn, the Roman God of Time. The song repeats several harmonies but with different instruments each time. We are reminded of the passage of time and the same events repeatedly played, but with different feelings. 

For Now I’m Here” is a mix of music and space poetry. Dark tones combine with words pondering life in space. A heavy-toned beat plays behind the voice of an earthling pondering what life might be like in space. 


Alone in Space” is a soft vocal folksy space song where the singer questions being alone in space. If only someone would call her name. We imagine her floating in her capsule all alone.

Through the Wormhole” takes the listener on a dark industrial-sounding cosmic ride through an interdimensional wormhole. The sound of the wormhole weaves in and out along the way. 

Jungle World” describes the moment space travelers land on a planet covered in uninhabited jungles full of birds and unknown creatures. The mystery and exhilaration we might feel when setting foot in a foreign world play out. 

First Contact” is a sonic mosaic weaving the story of humanity’s push into space and, eventually, the fateful day when we meet another intelligent species. What might happen when two civilizations meet?

Fantastic! So tell us, how can people find out more about you?

You can visit our website or follow us on Instagram @frequencybleuband. 


Thank you so much, Peter, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!


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