Experience the delicate mix of Rap and singing in TB’s Captivating EP ‘Out of Control’

The up-and-coming rapper and singer TB has released his new EP, Out of Control. This collection of tracks shines with positivity and the talent of the artist and his collaborators. The EP hooks the listeners from start to finish and captivates their attention with its positivity, style, and gorgeous compositions.

TB comes from Nigeria and is working on the best way to bring his music over to his home country and to the rest of the world. His songs are upbeat, fun, exciting, full of happiness, and meant to inspire this joy in anyone who listens to them. 

TB is known as a rapper and a singer, always showing his powerful voice and vocals. In both roles, he delivers with a charming flair and offers listeners a distinctive and positive experience. Most of his tracks aim to create a fun vibe meant for dancing, humming, and walking away in a good mood. 

The six-track collection leaves listeners wanting more thanks to its positive style, depth, and a lot of elements that distinguish it from many releases in the same genres. It also features collaborations with amazing artists like Wavydav3, EmThegoddess, and Emykriz. They add a lot to the EP and provide a versatile touch that expands on the audio world built by TB. 

As an artist, he stands out for his energy and positive attitude, which shines through in this lovingly crafted EP. It has a happy style that is sure to fill the listener with positive emotions that can take them through a bad time, be it a day or a moment. The artist does a great job of balancing his work to create something energetic and fun without going overboard, and the EP succeeds in putting smiles on people’s faces.

This new EP, Out of Control, is sure to interest fans of rap who want to discover rising artists from all over the world and step outside the mainstream American music scene. TB offers something unique and distinctive with a blend of influences and styles. The album also brings collaborations with talented artists who enhance the different fresh feelings of each track and highlight the emotions of each melody. It’s a positive, feel-good album with a lot of joy and humor to be enjoyed. The album is fun and sure to reach thousands of listeners from across the world.

You can find TB on Spotify:

You can also find the artist on social media under the handle SkipperTB. Make sure to follow him to be the first one to hear about new releases and fresh projects, as many new singles and albums are sure to come. TB is the perfect artist to check out if you are looking for someone full of positivity, and also if you enjoy rap, or if you want to discover more artists from across the world, in this case, from Nigeria.

We had the pleasure of interviewing the artist; here are excerpts from the Interview:

Hi, Please introduce yourself and tell us about what it is that you do. 

My Name is TB, and I am an artist from Nigeria. I rap, and I also sing. Most importantly, I make good music that is sure to leave you dancing and even in a good mood. It is also sure to leave you wanting more with a delicate mix of happiness and smiles from song to song. 

Can you please tell us more about your journey? 

Pouring my heart and soul into this EP was a journey I’ll never forget. Although it took a lot of time and effort, it was all worth the stress to deliver the best project. I hope you enjoy it. This EP was the final challenge that I needed to beat in my music career. It being my first-ever EP, it was a hell of a ride that felt good after being accomplished. Many more projects to come, and we only keep getting better.

Please tell us about your music. 

My brand new EP, “Out of control”, consists of a captivating collection of songs that is sure to leave you hooked.

Discover my work on Apple Music and the YouTube channel.

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

One of the best strategies that helped me become successful was a great deal of promotion for all my projects and always sharing with family and friends.

Any message for our readers 

Well, what I would say is, never stop what you’re doing even though it might seem like there’s no progress or you haven’t just reached where you want to be. Just keep doing your best, and eventually, you’ll get the results.


Thank you so much, TB, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!