Enjoy the rejuvenating pop flavors with retro fusion in the music video ‘I Want You’ by Amanda Stone…

The catchy and feel-good ‘I Want You’ is the newest single from Amanda Stone, a native Nashville artist who provides a fun experience with top-quality sound and image. With a light indie style, the song recreates the glamour and glitz of the bygone Hollywood era with a fun twist that examines the dark underbelly of this fancy world. 

Amanda Stone is an artist with a unique story and a fun indie offering of pop singles. Together with iconic producer Gregory Lattimer, another Nashville star, she offers a new option in a market that is in dire need of fresh voices.

Half-joking, half-earnest, Amanda says that she ran away from home to join a punk band, and that gave her a start in music. She loves everything about her career, from the mistakes she made along the way to the challenges that she faces consistently.


‘I Want You’ is a song that was born, fascinatingly, as a voice memo sent to Greg Lattimer, who recognized the potential and helped Amanda make the improvisation become a real song. 

The new single from Amanda is a light bop that relaxes and makes you dance around. With a funny twist in the video, Amanda appears in front us in fancy, vintage clothes and a look styled after Marilyn Monroe and other golden-age divas. With perfectly styled hair and long, gorgeous dresses, she conquers the imagination with elegance.


The song is fun and cute, with lyrics that stick in your head and make you hum to yourself for hours after. With influences from classic girl groups and a style that combines vintage and fresh, Amanda offers a unique persona that has gained recognition in the indie circuit, with her first single, ‘She’s Foolin You,’ becoming a popular choice for independent radio stations. Currently, she continues to develop new work with Lattimer and is seeking inspiration for new music, using classic bands like the Ramones and places like the cemetery, a choice of location that always inspires new ideas for the artist and is the place she seeks out whenever in a rut. Amanda is always on the lookout for new song ideas.


‘I Want You’ provides an indie alternative that can easily compete with the offerings that come in from the big pop industry. With a lot of charm, a wonderful voice, original inspirations, glamour, and a little dark humor, Amanda Stone is a name to watch out for, and ‘I Want You’ is a single likely to gain a lot of followers for the Nashville artist and rising star. 

You can check out her Instagram @amandastoneshowz.