Music Artist Don Oriolo’s latest music video ‘All About Love’ is fun and engaging with heartwarming lyrics!

All About Love is the new release from Don Oriolo, an enigmatic personality rising to recognition in the music world after a hugely successful career behind the scenes and across creative industries. 

Don Oriolo comes from a creative dynasty, as his father was Joe Oriolo, co-creator of world-famous characters like Felix the Cat and Casper the Ghost. This creativity was also instilled in Oriolo from an early age. He learned to play the guitar and the piano, two instruments that he continues to use today. His music career started at 13 when he got his first live performance. 

Don has been strongly involved in creative industries, taking over the Felix the Cat franchise over the last few decades and developing a career as a songwriter, musician, executive, and arranger. 

Don has worked with iconic bands and musicians throughout his journey across the industry, such as The Chimes, The Tokens, The Paragons, The Cupids, Doctor Hook, Gloria Gaynor, and more. Later on, he became a top music publisher, signing artists like Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman, Lisa Lisa, and many others who have successfully reached the top and became iconic in their own right. He has been running Personal Records since 1984. Don Oriolo is behind many hits and iconic artists, and now he continues to build his own career as a musician. With a nice guitar sound and lovely vocals, his newest release showcases another side to his talent. 

Currently, he has been pursuing a career more as a musician, which has been a part of his life since early childhood. All About Love is the latest release in a long music career where Don is taking the central stage. His experience with music and music production shines through in every aspect of the song. With many musical influences, All About Love is a fun, and engaging song with heartwarming lyrics that offer a perfect listen for a world that can get you down from time to time. 

You can check out below the music video of All About Love:

With psychedelic influences, it takes viewers back to the Summer of Love with a definite love and peace vibe that helps the ultimate message of the track. With fun and goofy editing style, the video and track bring a lot of warmth and connection. It’s a great feel-good song that truly reflects the many years of musical experience Don Oriolo brings to the table. It’s a good option for anyone looking for something new with a nostalgic touch, a warm and happy song, or just a nice listen to bring the mood up. 

You can follow Don on Instagram @donoriolo for more about his music, achievements, and work. Check out All About Love on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Take a look at the music video and other work from Don Oriolo on his YouTube channel. 

Stay tuned for more new releases from this outstanding musician.