DJ Landan Time’s ‘Drowning in your love’ remix is now into the Top 100 charts!

DJ Landan Time is a Scottish born DJ, Record Producer, and Remixer. Growing up in London from an early age helped shape his musical tastes and passion for music altogether. 

He started his DJ career spinning a new form of music, Jungle, along with 90’s dance music, and then moving over the years from House, Urban, Classics & Commercial music.

Playing small to large crowds/venues over the years around the UK, from his self-promotions, club residencies, DJ Landan Time has truly been around the block.

At present, DJ Landan Time has been gaining steady releases with support from the house music community. With music influences ranging from all decades of music, such as The Beatles. Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, The Temptations, Sade, Tracy Chapman, Curtis Mayfield, Jacky Wilson, Guns & Roses, The Prodigy, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Queen….with house producers such as Dennis Ferrer, WEISS, Sam Feldt, James Hype, Tough Love, CamelPhat.

Currently, DJ Landan Time has gained over 10,000 streams in a month on Spotify with his latest release, ‘MIND,’ an energetic house music song inspired by many hours of gaming!


You can also download a remix of ‘Drowning in your love’ for FREE via Hypeddit.

You can look forward to a few big releases for 2021 from the man himself, with collaborations being produced. He invites fellow producers to contact him that need help or would like to work with DJ Landan Time on future projects.

You can check out his website. You can also drop him an email at