Diana Hamilton is making everyone groove to her charming style with her single ‘Traveling On Song’

Diana Hamilton is a Bahamian artist based in Paris. Diana Hamilton’s music is not just all about that French, Parisian enchantment, but rather she also uses the opportunity to bring audiences into a learning experience. She talks about the history of her people and hopes to bring more attention to her home in the Bahamas, with a rich history that is sometimes eclipsed by its neighbors, like Jamaica and Trinidad.

Diana Hamilton brings her identity and roots into her music, which offers the full experience. Her songs lack pretentiousness but not much else. With a sweet set of vocals, charming lyrics, and a lot of Bahamian history, this artist creates a unique sound that is full of charm.


Traveling On Song is a song that is sure to thrill fans of jazz who are seeking new voices, and the track showcases Ms. Hamilton’s amazing talents and her ability to create playful, delightful music that is sure to please many different listeners. Diana Hamilton’s music and songs are full of humor and a touch of mischievousness, which listeners can easily enjoy as they dive deep into the sounds of jazz, calypso, and reggae.

Discover the charming video from Diana Hamilton, Traveling On Song:


She recorded Babylon Café in 2020 in Paris. This city holds a special place in her heart and allows her to walk around and discover more new small and meaningful coffee shops that inspire her music. The album Babylon Café brims with charm and emotion. Of particular interest is the track Dans Les Petits Cafés, an exploration of those feelings and ideas that pass through one’s mind when in a small Parisian coffee shop, special and iconic places that inspire a lot in the singer.



Dans Les Petits Cafés also comes with a lovely music video that is the perfect complement for Diana’s voice. The video, shot in a little coffee shop, instantly sets the perfect mood and transports the viewer straight to the heart of Paris and helps them recognize why Diana Hamilton dedicates a whole song to honor the cafés and inspire plenty of emotions among her audience. 


The artist has a unique style that is sure to please fans of original music. She has a beautiful voice, and her songs create a gorgeous atmosphere that brings listeners out of their reality and into new places, new experiences, and new emotions. Her music is sure to please fans of jazz, as well as those looking for original blends of jazz with calypso and reggae, which honor Hamilton’s Bahamian roots and also add a unique feeling to her tracks. 

Discover her amazing music and stream other work from the artist hereStay tuned for new releases from the artist.


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