Rising Hip-Hop Artist Dgdidit is ready to make an impressive debut with his album ‘Can’t Leave the Streets Alone’.

The debut album from producer and rapper DGdidit is coming on September 17th. DGdidit is making waves in the hip-hop scene thanks to his already released tracks. Can’t Leave the Streets Alone promises to be an effective and striking debut from an artist who has already established himself as a talented performer.

DGdidit started his music career in 2018 in New York, where he made beats for Dave East and Waka Flocka. While a promised record deal did not go through, the rapper moved out west and found himself recording the first few songs as an indie artist.

DGdidit was encouraged by Waka Flocka to keep going. Currently, he is working on the release of his debut album, with the first official single 850 Flow available on all the major platforms for streaming music. You can check out the previews for the album on the artist’s social media.

Born in Florida, this artist is moving to an independent career after working with and being noticed by several renowned rappers who have encouraged him on the way. Unstoppable and highly motivated, DGdidit is building up the hype for his debut album. 

DGdidit’s music showcases his abilities to freestyle and engages with whatever topic he chooses through effective beats and lyrics that take the listener along with him. With urban influences and chill beats, the songs have a distinctive sound and a high-quality production that makes this indie rapper stand out from the crowd. DGdidit is all about hard work and motivation to improve, so it’s quite interesting to see what he will offer next and examine his debut album in its totality with the themes and beats it has to offer.

850 Flow follows the trend of his previous work. However, it improves on the quality of the lyrics, the beats, and the presentation to take the music by DGdidit to the next level and make an impressive entrance to the professional scene. What is already clear is that there is a lot of quality in his work, growing with each new track.

His music is likely to please fans of hip-hop looking for fresh voices within the genre and those searching for something new and different. With R&B elements and chill beats, it’s a great option to say goodbye to summer with positive energy.

DGdidit is working hard to build a solid music career, and this debut album provides some great insight into his style and flow. With a powerful urban influence and plenty of experience in the field, he is a rapper to watch out for.

You can find the album on Spotify come September 17th and enjoy the singles being offered as well. Follow the artist on Instagram @dgdidit1 to see the album drop and to stay tuned for future releases. If you are into rap or if you are looking for that perfect track to end the summer on, check out DGdidit.