Groove along with gifted music artist D-Legasci and his latest Music Video ‘Coloring Echoes’

D-Legasci’s new video, Coloring Echoes, premiered October 14th. This prismatic, picturesque adventure will capture the hearts and minds of many as it paints a twist on the cycle of love through a soothing Latin-inspired guitar solo and atmospheric synths. 

The video was filmed on location in Jamaica and features a guest appearance from Jewlroc, who plays Autumn, a beautiful young girl who is the main antagonist on his upcoming album, A Parachute 4 Autumn 


The mystical, nature-loving femme fatale lead character spies on D-Legasci during a game of football and a riverside party; convinced she has to have him all to herself, she slowly leads him into the river. 

After watching the video, you will be left asking the question, should he stay or should he go? You decide. 



Filmed and directed by Glimps Cinema, Scott Muze, and co-directed by D-Legasci, the multi-talented Jamaican who sings and writes Hip Hop and Rock & Roll and so much more, in addition to producing; however, on this magical occasion, this wonderful song was produced by Scott Muze (Rebel Underground). 

D-Legasci aims to remove stress from the daily lives of all humans, one song at a time. You can follow D-Legasci on Instagram @d_legasci.

Be sure to watch the video and be a part of an adventure of a lifetime.


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