MR.Slade’s latest single ‘Call Me’ is full of 80’s metal spirit, hard rock, and an infusion of modernity.

Call Me is the latest single from MR.Slade. This new electrifying release brings a new, original take on the classic Blondie song that is likely to thrill fans of rock and modern music. 

MR.Slade has gained recognition for his robust vocals and the electrifying energized sound of his music. His music features powerful riffs and solid vocals that create original and highly engaging experiences. 

Based in Ontario, Canada, the artist is striving to bring his music to a whole new demographic. With influence from the ’80s and 90’s styles, specifically glam rock, MR.Slade masterfully arranges and repackages the classic Call Me for a new generation with a unique approach. It blends genre influences to deliver a new take, full of 80’s metal spirit, hard rock, and an infusion of modernity.

MR.Slade has taken off on Spotify, with thousands of listeners from all over the world who tune in to check out his releases. His music career was born out of a sense of dissatisfaction and boredom on the retail job that inspired him to start making music. He wanted to create fun, high-energy, and aggressive music that would draw inspiration from the ’80s and 90’s sounds but with a twist that makes it more accessible for a new generation that plays with elements from this era and gives them a fun update. MR.Slade’s particularly unique take has been to infuse classic rock with electronic punk, something highly innovative that few, if any, other artists are doing right now. This is a choice that has meaning, too. It is intended to capture a certain atmosphere with just the right choices to showcase a particular spirit of the times, bringing together the past century and the current through a unique musical approach.

Call Me is likely to resonate with fans of the original, looking for new, catchy takes on classic ’80s and ’90s music with a unique twist. However, it is also a great option for any rock fans who are searching for new, high-energy, and aggressive music that blends rock and punk to create an explosive mix. MR.Slade has fans from around the world who have found his music to be engaging and enjoy the energy, creativity, and innovation he brings to each new release. The music exists at the edge between the old and the new and creates a unique atmosphere of familiarity and novelty, which is not to be missed.

Call Me is available on Spotify and all the major music platforms. Stay tuned for more work from this talented artist and see what fun, novel twist he brings next to create a unique blend of hard rock and electronic punk.


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