California-based Rap Artist INFJ Kenzo makes a blast with his latest album, “The Wage of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth.”

The Wage of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth is the newest album from INFJ Kenzo, a rap artist bringing his own philosophy and wisdom to the genre and building a truly unique approach to hip-hop.

INFJ Kenzo, also known as Jamal Hansen, is an artist in Huntington Beach. It is his first studio album, which follows the hugely successful debut of the single The Wage of Better Angels, which hit number 14 on DTR Independent Charts and got airtime on American radio. 


The Wage Of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth is a game changer. Thanks to the unique genre blend that offers electronic and heavy guitar, unusual in a rap album, with fascinating content and a strong set of lyrics that will surely haunt listeners for a long time and get them thinking.

INFJ Kenzo is a self-made artist who offers a deep exploration of the inner psyche through personal insights that become more extensive in the album’s context. Music, for him, is all about speaking to others and making something that can resonate with all listeners. The Wage of Better Angles also benefits from the talents of Darren Vegas, a platinum producer, with samples of classic artists like Bone Thugs N’Harmony, Kinglilg, and Kurupt to honour the musicians who had a significant influence on INFJ Kenzo. 

INFJ Kenzo distinguishes himself by his drive to move and change people through his music. There is always a deeper meaning that can leave listeners engaged. Jamal’s story is also one that has been marked by change. At sixteen, he experienced a transformation after saving a girl who almost died from an overdose. It made him realize what truly matters and got him to turn his sights on rap, driven by hope. His main motivation is to build up the people around him and help them build a meaningful journey for all.

Rap for Kenzo goes beyond breaking boundaries and instilling hope through a dark, vulnerable, and unlimited dive into his mind. His music can be disturbing, optimistic, honest and completely authentic, breaking genre boundaries. His first release was the popular Overblown, and now Kenzo is bringing more effective pieces that are sure to keep listeners entertained and thinking. 

INFJ Kenzo has had amazing success with just his first few releases, getting over 10 million streams in 80 countries within nine months. The Wage of Better Angels: A Treatise To The Truth will reach millions of listeners as well, as it offers a solid sense of music, a lot of passion, and a great set of lyrics that get the audience thinking and wondering. With depth and style, this is a great album to check out.

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