Brave: Elliot Szabo’s Journey through Music and Life

Elliot Szabo‘s most recent album, “Brave,” will take you to your darkest feelings of struggles in life, dealing with the hardships of depression. Ten songs crafted with softcore melodies to hard rock instruments will help you to face your fears and tackle them with glory.

Music can heal, and some albums have the comforting feeling of a warm hug. Elliot Szabo’s latest album is exactly like that. It will be best if you listen to music for emotional reasons rather than only for enjoyment.

Brave” primarily reflects the artist’s personal experience and creative approach. The album’s ten songs beautifully display the artist’s talent as he uses them to portray his most sensitive times. It also feels like a creative and vivid emotional journal that the artist has created and is now sharing with the world.

This is a brilliant album with songs like the bouncy folk of Saved, the anthemic pop-rock of Holding On To You, the slow-burning and hypnotic The Train, and the soft majestic balladry of Time of Your Life

Elliot Szabo is an artist and musician from Indiana living in Savannah, Georgia. He grew up in a small town with his father but faced struggles in college and eventually dropped out. His journey has taken him through Chicago, where he worked as a flight attendant, before settling in Savannah with his wife and son. Music has been a constant companion in his life, and “Brave” certainly proves his talented musicianship.

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