The single ‘Let the Candle Burn’ by Bobby and the Crew drenches listeners in an embrace of love

Bobby and the Crew are releasing their new single, Let the Candle Burn, a pop song about strong emotions, a love that never dies, about a burning flame that can never be put out. It’s a perfect track for any romantics out there.

Let the Candle Burn is a perfect example of a pop song about love that is not cheesy and instead manages to tap into something authentic, with a melody and lyrics that can easily resonate with listeners. 

Bobby and the Crew are a four-member band from Norway. They are just getting started on this difficult road to the top, but the journey ahead is looking wide open. The band stands out thanks to their pop-rock sound that sometimes plays with genre boundaries and also is distinguished by their bright, clear, and emotive sound.

So far, the band has released a few songs, but their work is already notable for the quality and how quickly Bobby and the Crew arrived at the perfect sound. The pop-rock style fits perfectly, and they draw influences from bands like Blondie and Heart. The new band has already earned comparisons to these classic artists and is working hard to fill whatever shoes they need to fill. So far, they appear to be up to snuff thanks to their talent and presence, as well as the motivation to work hard and reach the goals they set for themselves.

Let the Candle Burn is the perfect single to get to know the work of Bobby and the Crew. It is full of emotion and does a great job of capturing the singular feelings associated with a passionate love and wanting to keep the flame burning for the rest of time. Bobby and the Crew, despite being at the beginning of the road, have already reached thousands of listeners, and this song illustrates the strengths of their music. They have a bent for the romantic and enjoy creating songs that inspire and also keep the listeners hooked from the opening notes to the final accords of the track. The band makes great use of the vocal talents of Lyn A to create a memorable song with a soft style, a lot of passion, and touches of retro to feel nostalgic for older pop ballads. 

Let the Candle Burn is soft and passionate, with a lot of intimacy and a great use of instruments. The lyrics and the vocals complement each other well to create a singular experience that should please fans of pop and pop rock.

You can find the video for Let the Candle Burn on YouTube:


The music video is a charming visual companion to the music, highlighting through the use of colors and soft, sensual scenes the mood of the track. 

Stay tuned for future releases and the latest singles from Bobby and the Crew. You can discover the latest news from the band and follow their plans on Facebook.


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