Blu Eye Extinction: The new funk fusion sensation you can’t ignore

Blu Eye Extinction, the funk fusion band, offers unique music and is proud to present the new self-titled album, Blu Eye Extinction. The album came out in February of 2023 and has been successfully making waves in the music scene ever since.

The band is based in New York City, and their music is a wild and exciting mix of hip-hop, rock, jazz, and funk. The founding members are two musicians with a lot of talent, who used to be known as Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf, but now operate together as Blu Eye Extinction, a stylish name that reflects their new identities. 

This debut album was recorded at Dreamlands Studio and at NC’s Echo Mountain Studio over the course of 2022. It features cover art from KG Marquel, an up-and-coming artist from Los Angeles, and this art is a great match for the irreverent style of the album. The inspiration drawn from Basquiat adds a unique touch. In addition to the digital releases and the album art, the work is also available as an exclusive vinyl, which features packaging from the renowned designer and photographer Mikiodo. 

In 2022, the band released their first single and a debut music video, accompanied by a tour of the UK alongside George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. They also toured with One Nation Under a Groove tour, featuring such recognizable names as Joys of Pimp Time, Dopapod, The Motet, and, once more, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. This took them across 29 cities in the United States throughout 2022, finishing at Sony Hall, House of Blues Boston, and at The 930 Club in Washington. 2023 was equally exciting, with a tour that took Blu Eye Extinction across the West Coast between January and March and then continued again during the summer. It’s set to finish in August with a run of the East Coast. But in September, the band is set to open for Parliament Funkadelic and giving performances in Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis, as headliners.

Blu Eye is composed of several members with a strong passion for music and a lot of talent. It includes James Jones as the lead vocalist and also the bassist, Constance Hauman on the keys and as another featured lead vocalist, Henry Ott on the guitar, TJ Robinson serving as Emcee, lead rap vocals and featured on the trombone & the percussion. JS Williams plays the trumpet and provides vocals, while Joshua Keitt is the drummer.

The music of this band is unique and stylish, with a lot of talent and flair. It is sure to thrill fans of indie music. Their debut album has been quite the event, and their tour further proves the massive amounts of talent of each member, as it was quite successful. 

You can find the band on social media. Follow them on Instagram at  @blueyeextinction and on Facebook under the same name. Their website is, but you can find additional details on and 


We had the pleasure of interviewing Constance Hauman of Blu Eye Extinction. Here are the excerpts from the interview. 

Hi Constance, Great to have you with us today! Please share with our readers about your journey.

Hi, I am the band leader and producer of Blu Eye Extinction, as well as I play keys and sing. Well, it has been a long journey, haha. My personal journey started in classical music…opera specifically, and lasted several decades before I had a personal and musical breakdown that started me on a new musical and artistic path that miraculously landed me on planet Funk where I met my musical tribe.


Please tell us about your debut album, Blu Eye Extinction.

Our debut album was born of the frustration of covid combined with being involved in a ridiculous vanity lawsuit where the plaintiff was claiming they ‘owned us’ and were not allowed to perform under a name covered by the trademark I own, so we gave birth to a new name and a new album..from the ashes a phoenix. 

What are the strategies that helped you become successful in your journey? 

Stay focused on the music. To make the best music possible.

Any message for our readers?

Don’t give up. Use adversity to find even more creativity.

Thank you so much, Constance, for giving us your precious time! We wish you all the best for your journey ahead!

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